MP3FIXER description

MP3FIXER reads and analyses the mp3 files (MPEG 1, Layer III only!) bit by bit, and if it finds any faulty frames it creates a copy of the original file with the faulty frames removed.
MP3FIXER is a program
  running under WIN 9x, ME, XP that can be
1. Accessed  with a small effort from a right click menu in Windows Explorer , see Alt. 1 below.
2. Or accessed from a DOS BATCH file, see Alt. 2 below.

The code is not in any way perfect or optimized. I’m also releasing the source code, and if you make any nice improvements or have any comments please let me know.
And of course, use at your own risk!

Works with Win9x & ME,
Click here to download MP3FIXER 0.4 source code

How to execute?

Alt1. Access MP3Fixer from a right click menu in Windows Explorer.
Go to TOOLS (See 1 in figure below) via Windows Explorer then FOLDER OPTIONS then FILE TYPES (2) tab.
This will give you a dialog with all of the file types and their associated commands and the programs used to issue them. Wonder around until you find the one with MP3 (3) extension in it.
( Or create a NEW TYPE extension, put MP3 in the second field (Associated Extension) nothing else and click OK. If you get an error, that's good!!! It will tell you what the name is to look for in the list.) Select that type and open it by pressing Advanced (4). Press New... (5) in the Edit File Type window. Add your command "Fix with MP3Fixer" in Action (6). Enter "path_to_file\mp3fixer.exe" "%1" (with the quotes) (7). Save it and you have a menu item on the right click for MP3 files.
Ok, now it's only to right click a mp3 and select "Fix with MP3Fixer" any you are off!
If you want to process a folder with mp3s, open the folder, CTRL-A to select all files, right click a mp3 and select "Fix with MP3Fixer" and voila, all mp3s in that folder are processed!

WIN2000 Screendump (same for XP)


WIN98SE  Screendump (Swedish OS sorry, hope you get the picture)!

Alt2. Access MP3Fixer from a DOS batchfile in  Windows Explorer!
Copy TestMp3.bat and mp3fixer.exe to the librarys containing the mp3s of interest
Click on TestMp3.bat in Windows Explorer

If MP3FIXER finds any errors, new mp3s with the same name as the original with extension 'mp3fixer' are added!
Ie. assume song Hejbaberiba.mp3 contains frame errors, a new file called Hejbaberiba.mp3fixer is then added with the
erronaus frames removed. The original files are not removed!

Below: Good info cut and pasted from Peter F. Smith,
For an in-depth primer on MPEG audio frame headers and tags, a must-see is Predrag Supurovic's "MPEG Audio Compression
Basics" at:


Tools used:
*C-compilator: DJGPP at it’s free pick it up yourself!
*Picked up some Bob Stout SNIPPETS C- code at
*Gateway 450MHz PIII, WIN 98

Compared to Peter F. Smith MP3 utility, MP3FIXER does not gives any error message for mp3 which frames starts later than at 2000 bytes ( gives 0.00 0% through error message)
Watch out for MPEG 2 files, i've got a couple of 64kbps, 22khz. MP3FIXER will try to fix them with not a great result (i.e. no support)!
Although the original MPEG 2 file is untouched!

Any questions? Mail me at: