I was born 15 april 1955.

My father put me in an Accordion school when I
eight. I loved music, but this was not really my style. My school teacher advised me to study music and so I did. I started to play double bass, though I liked classical music and really would like to play in a symphony orchestra. At the same time I was a member of a band called "High Pressure", that was inspired by "Blood Sweat and Tears" and "Chicago" and I became interested in arranging music. Later on, orchestral music took priority and I applied to enter Lunnnevads Folkhögskola, studying music. I studied there two years with double bass as my main instrument. I applied to the Accademic Highschool for a bit of a lark and managed to creep in as a soloist at the Musikhögskolan in Stockholm with double bass as my main instrument. Studied amongst other things, composition and arrangement with Svante Widen.

After two years I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to be an orchestra musician. I actually had a couple of other projects at the same time I was at the school. Myself and a friend had started a recording studio in Norrköping and at this time,1979 I started as guitar player in "Liverpool". That studio worked in our stewardship through to 1986, which is when I met Olle and "Liverpool" really got going, this time with me playing bass.

In 1994 "Liverpool" was invited to play with a large symphony orchestra in conjunction with the opening of our new concert house in Norrköping. I wrote the arrangement for the symphony orchestra, something that meant an enormous amount to me!

In 1996 I started hankering after my own studio again. After a lot of "toing and froing" I've actually come quite a bit towards that end.


My son Sebastian joined the band in the autumn of 2001, which is a huge lift for the band, and needless to say myself!

Ronnie Roos