NEWS!   Updated february 2007

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* Sorry all fans. It seems that the reunion is not happening. Erik told me he had

no new projects at the time being.


* "Brick" will be the lead theme in a french movie called "Le dernier jour" by

Rodolphe Marconi this autumn (2004).


* Fake has decided to meet again and talk to eachother about a possible reunion

for the whole band. That means Erik Strmblad, Tony Strepin, Stefan

Sverin, Stefan Bogstedt and Ulrica rn.

Nothing is for sure yet but we fans can only  hope and pray that this will

actually happen. Fake has been bombarded from the fans with nagging about a

reunion. This is probably the main reason why they decided to talk about it so

keep on doing that!


* Stefan Sverin recently received news from Canada about a convent for Fake fans

that has been held for a couple of years. The convent has been visited by around

1000 people discussing Fake, trading records and pictures etc. AMAZING!!!!!


* Fake has also decided to talk to their friends in France and Italy about

possibilities for remixes of old Fake material.


* Erik and Tony reunited about two years ago and started working on

some new songs and mixes of Brick. Fake is now a duo.

Today they have about 20 new songs and 7 new mixes of Brick.


They have just released two of the new Brick remixes on two

different compilations in France. One on Sony music and one on a

BMI compilation. PLEASE! Everybody who reads this! Send mail to

Sony music Sweden and beg them to release this new Fake material

in Sweden.

If the band can find a good record label willing to release their

new material we can expect new releases with the group in the

nearest year. WOOOOOWWW!!!!