The band before the leaving of Stefans.

Fake is the legendary swedish band with a sound similar to

for example german band Boytronic.

Many people cathegorize their music as Italo but both I and Erik Strmblad like

to call it synthpop.


The band (not called Fake at this time) started up with two members, Erik

Strmblad and Stefan Bogstedt. They went to the same school and both absolutely

adored the Queen album "A night at the opera". When Stefan got a guitar

and amplifier they decided to start the group in 1977. Erik had an

old organ and drums. In the beginning they played hard rock and

named the group Size 46. The name was taken from a knitting

description or the size of Stefan Bogstedts glove.(different sources)

During the first four years a lot of people came and

went in the group (among them Stefan Sverin who was drafted to the group by

schoolfriend Stefan Bogstedt).

When they decided to record and finance their first single Dream girl in 1981 the

line-up was as shown below on Donna rouge-cover.

Even though its not told on the cover it looks like a woman on

the left of this picture, probably Ulrica in that case.


The first single was still a rock tune though not hardrock. Some

synthezisers had sneaked in and at the time of their first

own official release the Donna rouge single in swedish the

synthezisers had got a much more essential place in their music.


The two musicians Janne Fagerberg and Mikael 

Ohlsson left the band after the Donna rouge single.


Ulrica rn joined Fake when Donna rouge became a hit in Italy.

The band needed a woman to do the speaking part in Donna rouge on

stage. After that she was a member until the split.


Whem the third single "Right" arrived the synthezisers had

definitely taken first place in the sound. At that time the band

consisted of Tony, Ulrica, Erik, Stefan Sverin(not mentioned as

member on the cover) and Stefan Bogstedt.


The band then continued to the next natural step, recording an

album "New art"

The key members in the band at this time was Erik and Tony who

wrote almost all of the material for New art.

They were a bit irresolute about the bands sound, which showed on

the endresult of New art. One side of the album had a dance-

oriented synthpopsound while the other side had a more minor

moody sound.


Both Tony and Erik was inspired by bands like Yellow

magic orchestra and Japan and that reflected on the moody side.

All the hits(Except Memories of Pan) was placed on the

danceoriented side at least on the second edition of the

album. Tony and Erik was most satisfied with the moody side.

Stefan Bogstedt and Stefan Sverin left the band due to different opinions

after the recording of "New art".

The album cover (at least the second edition)has five members on the front side

but only three on the back side due to this. The backside was changed when the

two Stefans left the band. On the first edition there are five members on



After finishing the album and releasing "Memories of Pan", their

forth single, Fake did a big summertour in Sweden backed up by the

fact that Memories of pan became a radiohit in Sweden.


After that the band went into the studio to record what was to be

their last single and biggest hit alltogether "Brick".

This single was engineered and mixed by the swede Kaj Erixon who

also had worked with bands like for an example Ratata.

The singles success surprised the band who already had started to

split again due to conflicts in the band.

The Brick video was made after that and therefore another woman

named Lenite appears in the video instead of Ulrica. She was never

an official member of the group though.

Lenite was in fact the former girlfriend of wellknown swedish

hardrock artist Joey Tempest of the famous group Europe. She did

promotion with the band together with Erik after the big success

with Brick.

Tony and Ulrica, who was a couple, did their own promotion for the


In 2001 Tony and Erik decided to reunite and make new music.

After this sites birth they also got in touch with the three other original

members and talked. What this will lead to nobody knows yet.....


Thanks to Erik Strmblad, Stefan Sverin and Martin Blix for info.