I have often wondered why I cant find any good discography

for swedish cult synthpop artist Fake on the net. I have

stopped looking for it and decided to make one good myself.


Thanks to Ronny Larsson for scans of Dreamgirl and the third Donna rouge cover!!!!!

Thanks to Mats Wiklander for Cover of Donna rouge remix 12" 1987.

Thanks to Erik Strmblad, Johan Hellgren and Krister Petersson for additional info!!

Decided to add three more cover variations, two for Donna rouge and one for Brick

just for fun. Some of them are probably bootleg covers.


Here it is now:


7" AND 12"


7" Dreamgirl/Warlord (1981) Lacerate music

First extremely rare single produced by the band themselves.

Pressed in about 400-500 copies.

This is more of a rock tune because they had not really

started using synthezisers then.


7" Donna rouge/Rum 576 SOS recording

Their first release on a record company. They did however

participate on a swedish compilation with the english version of

Donna rouge called "Warm ice" before this release.


12" Donna rouge(Extended vocal version/Donna

rouge(Instrumental rock version) Il discotto/D.I.D records

12" Donna rouge(Extended)/Donna rouge(Instrumental) Ariola/D.I.D

12" Donna rouge(Disco version)/Donna rouge(Rock version) (1983)

Il discotto/D.I.D records

The single is in swedish and the 12" in english. There are at

least two more different covers for Donna rouge available (just added as forth

and fifth picture)


7" Right/Warm ice (1984) SOS recording

12" Right(Remix)/New art (1984) ZYX records

Warm ice is Donna rouge in english in a much synthier

version than on the Donna rouge 12".



7" Memories of pan/Frogs in Spain (1984) SOS recording

12" Frogs in Spain(Disco mix)/Memories of pan(Disco mix)

(1984) D.I.D records

12" Frogs in Spain/Memories of Pan (1984) ZYX records

12" Frogs in Spain(New remix)/Memories of Pan (1984) ZYX


Even though Memories of Pan is called disco mix on the first 12"

it is the same version on all 12" and 7".


They reversed the 12" because they thought Frogs in Spain was more suited for a

12" mix than Memories of Pan.


7" Brick/Another brick (1985) Mega records

12" Brick(Extended)6.03/Another brick(Extended)6.51(1985)

Mega records


12" Brick(Extended)5.58/Another brick(Extended)7.55 ZYX


12" Brick(Disco mix)5.40/Another brick(Extended)6.00

/Brick(Short version)3.36 Il discotto productions

The time indications are wrong on some of Brick 12".

Even though they are different on the twelwes its the same mix.

The third cover seems to have been used in many different

countries both on 7" and 12".


Another brick is an instrumental version of Brick, with some

singing. The Scheinquartet played the classical instruments on

Another brick.

There is at least one more cover for Brick available.

They made a musicvideo for this one.


7" Arabian toys/Rain over the nile (1987) Public sound

This is a french pressing for this one.

12" Arabian toys(Extended)/Rain over the nile(Extended) ZYX



The 12" cover is available in another colourcombination(the third) probably

released in other countries than Germany and France.

This single was released by the french record company against the

bands own will after Fake had split.


12" Donna rouge remix 5:35/Donna rouge(instrumental) 4:05 (1987) Academy records



This is probably a bootleg record. It seems to be a lot of bootlegs made of Fake

records especially in Italy.




LP New art (1984) D.I.D records (First edition)


1. Frogs in Spain

2. Warm ice

3. In love

4. Right

5. F.F.

6. Alone with the moonlight

7. Empty garden

8. Memories of pan

9. New art

10. Donna rouge

This one has a different artwork from second edition. The frontside is the same



LP New art (1984) SOS recording (Second edition)


1. Alone with the moonlight

2. Empty garden

3. Memories of Pan

4. Rain over the Nile

5. New art

6. Arabian toys

7. Frogs in Spain

8. In love

9. Right

10. Warm ice


This is the number 1 swedish cultalbum in the synthpop

genre. Enormously good!! When I told Erik Strmblad about the

cultstatus of this record he was very glad and surprised.




7" Ulrica rn: Cant get enough of your love/Fly away (1983)

SOS recording

Fake singer solo.  Written and produced by Sandelin and Ekman of

wellknown swedish band Style.


7" Walk on water: Whats the noise/When the serpent rules (1989) Record station

This single actually won a grammy for best video in Sweden.


LP and CD Walk on water: Walk on water  (1990) Record station/Alarma world music


1. To walk on water

2. Whats the noise

3. Call my name

4. Prayer

5. Yeah yeah yeah

6. North sea town

7. Time

8. Someone

9. When the serpent rules

10. There is a morning

11. Bird song (Not on the swedish pressing)


Erik Strmblads new band after Fake. Together with among others singer

Thoth and bass player Magnus Wahl from Swedish band +1. Read more about them here:



7" Walk on water: Time/Prayer (1990) Record station


CD Walk on water: S lnge jag lever (1994) SM music



1. Fri

2. Mitt kors

3. S lnge jag lever

4. Det kommer en vr

5. Kom nu

6. Lycklig

7. Det finns s mycket mer

8. Vgen, sanningen och livet

9. Makt och hrlighet

10. Klockor

Before this cd they re-created the group with three of the original members and

four new ones. Before this record was made Magnus Wahl left the band.

This was a lowbudget production recorded in the studio of the church Erik and

Thoth had joined.


7  Pillow parade: All the love/All the love (Instrumental) (1991) Power records

Tony Wilhelmssons soloband after he left Fake.