Thanks to Eric Forsmark and especially Erik Strmblad for

information. Thanks also to Stefan Sverin for correction and new info.


Erik was cofounder of Size 46 (later to be called Fake) together with Stefan


He was also the leading songwriter in Fake (together with Tony).

He played a lot of  synthezisers and made a lot of the

drumprogramming in the group.

After Fake had quit Erik started the group "Walk on water"

together with singer Thoth of swedish band +1. During the recording of their

first album Erik became a christian as well as two of the other members.

Erik named himself "Jeremy Schireau" in France and "Enrico

Estrada" in Italy.

Today he is working with advertising and lives in Stockholm with

his family.


Tony worked as a preeshool teacher and lived in Viksj at the

same time as he was involved in the band.

In the group he took the artist name "Blanche".

He was the leading songwriter together with Erik and the leading

singer on most of the Fake material.

After Fake had split up he made a solo record with a different

sound from the Fake-sound. The only thing I know he released was

a 7" called "All the love". He called the project Pillow parade.

Im not sure if a whole record was released though. Probably not.

Today Tony educates himself to priest and has two years left of

his education before graduating. He lives in Stockholm. He is now

named Tony Strepin.



Ulrica acted in famous swedish youthmovie "G" as Nina. Later she

worked on a swedish record label, probably Warner. Now she is

working on the swedish tv-station SVT as music editor. She joined

the band when Donna rouge became a hit in Italy. She was lead singer

on some of the material and background singer on most.


Cofounder of Size 46 (later Fake) together with Erik.

He played guitars, bass and keyboards in the band and was an

official member until New art was finished. Then he left the band.

As an artist he named himself Billy Bones.


Stefan was drafted to Size 46 by Stefan Bogstedt and was then the drummer of Fake

until The New art recordings was finished. Then he left the band some time before

Stefan Bogstedt. Before Size 46 he played in other bands like for an example

metal band Glory bells band.

He did not play the drums on the Dreamgirl/Warlord single.

He was also cowriter of "Donna rouge".

Today he lives in Stockholm where he works as an art director in advertising

He is married with a famous photographer and has two kids. Both are into music.



He played the bass on the first two singles and then left the




He played synthezisers on the first two singles and then left the