Mats Lundblads GAMMALDANS-newspaper: ...   (Gammaldans = Old traditional dances as hambo, schottis, vals ...)

Home to the main page in Swedish.       (This page was from 090712, latest renewed, - now starting renewed for the eyar 2010 / 100315) 

Report of Musik vid Siljan and  Ransäter 2009 (will be continued).  Nice to see good dancers/fiddlers from France, USA, Germany, Denmark .. !

      Dances (pdf S)

Gammaldans (schottis, hambo, snoa/polka, mazurka, vals ...) (=gd)            Gillesdans(er) (= pariserpolka, snurrebocken, sternpolka ...)

Polskor (Bingsjö, Boda, Orsa, Hamburgska, Slängpolska (on the same place!), Bondpolska, Gammalvänster, Rørospols, Finnskogspols ...  ...) (=po)

Folkdans/er (mainly in groups, usually 8-16 persons)  (=fd)        // Modern dans = foxtrot, bugg, tango, salsa ... (=mo).    1+2 = 1 gammaldans + 2 modern dances. //

      Where to dance in Stockholm in winter

Folkmusikhuset (English)(Deutsch)(Franc.)(Italiano) i Stockholm "Skeppis" Skeppsholmsgården:  Every Sunday Sep-May (in some holidays on Monday).  Free!

FolkDance Groups (some very active, some less)    The Academic Folkdance Society ("AF") with Links    (Try free some weeks / about 400 SEK/year)

Polska dancing groups:  Polskedansarna (Thursdays)   Mälparingen (Fridays)   Bygdedansens Vänner   

Other places, irregular dates, se calendars: (English)   Gammaldans (this page!) =>

      Where to dance in Stockholm in summer

Skansen (English) dancing  Gammaldans on Wed in July and 1st half of Aug, and in Midsummer Fri+Sat.   dansprogram

Gröna Lund (English ...)  Pay 159 SEK "Gröna Kortet" for a whole summer, modern dancing Wed-Sat, concerts ...  dansprogram (pdf).  dansprogram (orig).  May - Sep 

Stockholm evenemang   Kulturfestival 11-16 Aug 2009   Uppsala kulturnatt progr 12 Sep 2009 

      Where to dance in Sweden in summer / big "spelmansstämmor"  Festivals  

Ransäter (Thursday-Sunday always 2 weeks before midsummer) Info   Program 2009   From the year 1971.     Bus Thursday 10 June 2010 kl 14.00 from Stockholm!

Österbybruk (Sat-Sun 1 week before midsummer).

Delsbo (First Sunday in July, and the day before in Norrbo/Gammelsträng  and? Delsbo)  forngården  program 

Svaben (Svabensverk) Program on the Monday, usually the day after Delsbo, depending on "Siljan".  100 kr, Fiddlers 0:-.  Conc 150 kr (50). Dance courses 17-17.45 0:-.

Musik vid Siljan (English) (usually week 27, now week 28 = 4-11 July 2009) (This year maybe the last in big scale!) with (the biggest/best):  25 MB 32 p  From the year 1969.

Bingsjö (Wednesday and the evening before) (small village 38 km east of Rättvik)     Folkmusikens Hus i Rättvik  

Östbjörka (Thursday)

Boda (20 km N of Rättvik) bus  (Friday)

Nedre Gärdsjö (Saturday) ...

Hälsingehambon Competition in hambo. Saturday after Delsbo(the first Sunday in July)  (couples: 2009: 52+11+5)   In Hårga, Hårga, Bollnäs, Arbrå.   From the year 1965, 1979-1988: 1500 couples/year.

Rättvik 21-24 July  2009 (Tue Vikarbyn,  Wed Rättvik,  Thurs Nedre Gärdsjö,  Friday Boda: Boda sml 19/20-23)

Korrö 23-26 July 2009 (much slängpolska, on the same place of the floor = fläckpolskor!) Sågskära   program  Allspelslåtar 12x.   Info, buss fr Växjö  

...   ...   

      Where to dance in Europe:

Gennetines  France Wed 15- Wed 22 July 2009 (300 km SSE of Paris)   Buy InterRail and visit for ex Paris, Marseille, Barcelona ..

Denmark   Roskilde  8-9 Aug 2009 Sat 100(50) Dkr (afternoon free).  Sunday (2 big dance floors outside) free.  Accomodation 45 Dkr. 

      Where to read about folk music:

Folklore Centrum, a very good newspaper of Swedish Folk Music by Izzy Young. In Swedish. From when you pay:  1 year = 8 nr à ca 32 pages = 140 SEK (kr), plusgiro (Nordea Bank) 858185-2.

Gammaldans (this page)

Lira Musikmagasin 

RFoD (English) has very many good Links (English) 

=      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =

Be a member of Nordiska museets och Skansens vänner (=friends), get a year card, for 500 kr, one couple only 700 kr !

Valid to Skansen and Biologiska, and: Nordiska, Svindersvik, Tyresö slott, Julita, Härkeberga, Jamtli and in Trondheim, Oslo, Lillehammer, Århus!

Book and newspaper incl.   Buy in Nordiska Museets shop M-S 10-17.  (English) Valid 1 year.

Year 500 (pens 400) kr, valid first + 12 months (buy f ex Wed 1 juli (Leif Billyz) and dance whole juli 2010...). Entry fee (grp>10 -20 kr) summer 110, mids.eve 130 , allsång 120, FriSat-dance fr 19 150 kr.

True Midsummer Eve = Sat 20 juni:  Shortest night: lör/sön. Sommarsolstånd kl 07.46 Sunday = årets längsta dag. (Sth:)  Lör kl 22.05: Sun down at latest.

Lör/sön kl 00.50: Årets kortaste natts "mörkaste" tidpunkt.   Sunday kl 12.50: Sun as highest, dont look!  Upp/ned  Sth (obs add 1 hour sommartid).

Hyttlöt Sundays 21 juni - 9 aug 2009  progr  map map 17.30/18.30/19.30 - ca 22: Gnesta sm,  Leif-Billyz,  Hjulåkers sm,  Korp,  Spelklåda,  Garizim,  Malmabygdens sm,  Sonus.  Länstrafik:

Södertälje H (bus 341) 16.06, Läggesta 16.38/17.19 (543 book in advance 2 hours before dep 0771 474719) Laxne 17.34/17.37-Blackstabro 17.42.

map 5 km walking to NorthWest  (obs curve after 1200 m little way to North; west after St Lövan)

PRACTICAL INFORMATION:   (Time, money, health, food, train, hostels..)

The Weekdays (veckodagar) in Swedish:    Ti  On  To  Fr      =  Måndag  Tisdag  Onsdag  Torsdag  Fredag  Lördag  Söndag  =  M  Ti  O  To  F  L  S.

The Months:  Jan Feb Mar   Apr Maj Jun   Jul Aug Sep   Okt Nov Dec.

Date: We write 090621 = 2009-06-21 = 21 June 2009 = 21/6 (2009).     kl = klockan (time, from 00-24 h).   1 hour more than Greenwich.  Sweden has summer time.

Currency: 1 kr = 1 krona = 1 SEK = about 0,10 Euro.   You can change money at Forex (Engl),  X-change (Engl) ...    Stamps (Engl) (bad pages) letters abroad 20 g: 12 SEK Prioritaire! 

Be careful in the archipelago: Very small animals "fästing", map TBE, may cause serious sickness, be careful of grass, blueberries .. , use high boots, often check your entire body!

If you have got, take it slowly out with tweezers (S: pincett, fästingborttagare) or nails, fix it on tape.  If you get sick (illness, head...) or get a red circle, quickly go to the doctor, vårdcentral! hitta 

Buy food: Rather expensive:  Hemköp, ICA, Coop.  Often till 21/22 h.   Cheaper: Lidl (and Netto only in S/SW Sweden, not Stockholm), Willys (not downtown).  More expensive: 7/11.

Train travel: SJ very cheap, 95 SEK, if you book 90 days in advance / or 6 hours before (Tradera), else expensive.  In Stockholm: SL  Uppland: UL   Long distance buses see links here!

Youth hostels (often rooms for 2-4 p) (abt 200 SEK/p): STF (Engl)   SVIF (Engl)  Vandrarhemskartan*   //Folk dancers/fiddlers.. are welcome to my house, T-train 14 min N of Stockholm C.//

Mail if u want:   matsdotfamilynameatbredbanddotnet                                                         *Not use Mac/Safari

      Swedish language:

Hej=Hallo   Dans=Dance   V=Vänster=L=Left   H=Höger=R=Right   Y=Ytter=Outer foot   I=Inner=Inner foot   D, Dam=Lady   K, Kavaljer=Man   Par=Couple   

Får jag lov ≈ Vill du dansa = Do you want to dance (with me)      Tack för dansen = Thank you for the dance /when you want to finish dancing/   

Försteg=Step forward before turn   Fram=Forward   Gå, Prom(enad)=Walk   Runt=Round   Varv= Turn   Omdans=Together turn   Snurra=Turn   Hopp=Jump

Dal=Dalsteg(in begin of Hambo):   Från=From each other   Mot=Together      Första=First   Sista=Last      Valfritt=As u want      På fläck=On the same place

sml = spelmanslag = Fiddlers group      sms = spelmansstämma = Fiddlers/(dancing) meeting (not all have dancing) (from a few persons to 40 000 persons) 

=      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =

GAMMALDANS sid 1+4 (090408)   GAMMALDANS sid 2+3 (090407)   (pdf, use 100 % scale)

Citybanan 25 nackdelar   Citybanan 25 disadvantages   (070416) by Mats Lundblad. (Nobody, Government.., has answered about the very big disadvantages!!!)

A very very expensive and difficult/many years to make railway tunnel deep below Stockholm and its waters   (why??? - are cars more important than trains!!!???)  --- 

very much better, more nice and cheaper above ground and sea level where the trains go today, where you can enjoy our beautiful town and its waters from the trains,

and change at Slussen (between the big lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea) to trains to the east, to quick every 1 minute-trams, boats west+east, buses, T-trains; culture, bath!

Framtidens turist - häst o vagn - UNT av Mats Lundblad   (=The future..)      Framtidens Mörby C 080524 (Idées for most centers)

Mats Lundblads ideas for Stockholm - Europas Environment Capital 2010

(Abt 10 head- och 100 more idéas for better, faster, more nice kollektivtrafik above ground level and sea, and for better environment!)

Mats Lundblads tidigare förslag till Banverket ...

Mats Lundblads DANSBESKRIVNINGAR (=Descriptions of dances) ...   Folkdanslista

GAMMALDANS earlier years...     Tidtab (09V Timetable not exactly valid more)   Tidtab 09S (not ready)

Program dans / spelmanstämmor 

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Links: kalender   AF links (melodies, sheet notes ... ...)  Spillefolk/Nodesamling    Search      

Trains and buses: SL  UL  SJ  InterRail  DB  GoByBus  Swebus  Waxh   Flygbuss   Resplus   Sörml   Bus4you (M-G 69, M-O 99)  Blåklint   Harjedal   Eurolines   TaxiSth   Taxikurir   

Weather:  Sth Ned Moln   Nacka Vaxholm Nynäs  SMHI(slow flash)  Moln  Ham  NynCam      Kust  Obs  Obs  Stånd  Båt  IsYt  Snow    Space  Heaven Map  ISS  

Block      Bredb      Luff      TOK    

 Stadsteaterns parkteaterprogram  Wed 3 June -  Free! Outdoors in parks. 

         Övrig info / tips:      GOOD THINGS TO BUY CHEAP  (Red takes no responsibility):

Tält, liggunderlag självuppblås, sovsäck på Rusta (ej Mac/Safari) (och brukar ha 50 % rea e säsong = aug).  Jula. Utrustn.lista

Comviq free sms fr dator max 160 tkn. 1,  2 (kund), 5 (tankat senaste 30 dgr) st/dag      

Free 100 pictures 11x + porto 29 kr Fuji  (in Sweden) 

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      Ransäter 2009: Very good!    Foto: hårobyx   Program/spellista (after)

Ransäter Dancing till To/F: 03.18.43,  F/L: 06.59.24,  L/S: 12.25.49 (rekord). Foto: hårobyx  spellista (se nederst här!)

     New World Record (? probably ?) of long time night dancing of Scandinavian polska dancing!

ÖSTERBYBRUK 13-14 juni 2009 => New pdf-program+trains  äldre pdf   Off  Progr(vers0525)pdf (=new 0525 namedf 0512). map  map inrit.