Game Over's old homepage
Game Over has a new homepage

Our domain name - - is now located on the same server as the actual homepage. Yaaay!

This means we won't be using this server anymore.
From now on, use when accessing Game Over's spot on the web.

We're working on new material (two songs in fact) and will hopefully present those to you in a couple of months.

In the meantime, be sure to also check out Wire's guitar / gitarr site where she presents the basics she's learned when starting to play the guitar. If you don't understand Swedish, use Google translate. It works surprisingly well.

There is also a blog about video games that we recommend: Tv-spel konsol, retro spel with thoughts about svenska tv-spel and stuff like that. Tv-spel is obviously video games in Swedish. We now own all the popular consoles out there - PlayStation 3, Xbox and Wii. The only thing we lack are some new games...

Wire's cousin also has a beauty tips for women site. Even if this has little to do with the above, we want to thank her for providing us with make-up tips over the years although she hasn't yet been responsible for any promo pics.

Undrar du vad det finns för Casino på nätet och vilka casinosidor man ska besöka? Gå då till den här sidan: Casino på nätet. Här kan du även hitta Svenska casino spel online med bra bonusar och många olika casino spel.

That's it for now. Be sure to visit our new site at in the future if you want information about Game Over. It's all there. And add us to MySpace and Twitter, write in our forums, write us emails and comment on our Youtube videos. Ok? Awesome!