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Not everything a person says during an interview goes into the articles we read in magazines, the programs we see on TV or the radio shows we listen to. In fact, I believe that a lot of the funniest and most interesting stuff gets edited out, simply because there's not enough time or space. These days, everything has to be easy to absorb, in as little time as possible. This is particularly evident when studying music publications from the 70's, when an article easily could span six or seven full pages. This is not the sole reason why I've decided to create these pages, though. If I had the opportunity, I'd make a Web page about each and every one of these wonderfully talented people, but at present I don't have the time, so instead I choose to show my appreciation for them this way. I hope you enjoy this mish-mash collection of quotes from various artists that I've had the immense pleasure of talking with during the nearly ten years I've been doing interviews.

Talk Turkey Part One:
Isaac Hayes, Larry Dodson, Millie Jackson, Chaka Khan, Clarence "Blowfly" Reid, Adina Howard and Harvey Henderson

Talk Turkey Part Two:
Rahsaan Patterson, Larry Dodson, Millie Jackson, Adriana Evans, Robin S., Clarence "Blowfly" Reid and Roger Troutman


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