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Something truly magic happens whenever I see the trademark Salsoul logo. Warm feelings and memories of happy music- the kind they don't make anymore- fill my mind. Those were the days.. Anticipation proceeded every new release by Aurra, Instant Funk, Skyy, Rafael Cameron and all the other greats on Salsoul's roster; and they always came up to expectations. The legendary Salsoul Record Corporation, located on Madison Avenue in New York, was started in the early seventies by the three Cayre brothers and quickly became one of the leading Dance labels. It kept that position for many years, as it continued to churn out first-rate material in what seemed like an never-ending flood. Around 1984, when Salsoul decided that the market had changed too much and stopped releasing any new records, an entire nation of DJ's, party goers and just about everybody that simply liked good music, mourned. But Salsoul never really died. Through countless re-issues, new remixes, samplings and cover versions of classic as well as obscure Salsoul recordings, the label with the brightly colored logo continues to live and it's impossible to ignore the influence Salsoul has on today's House, R&B and Hip-Hop. Below you'll find a small Salsoul Records biography and links to bios, discographies and photos of some of the people that made Salsoul what it was.


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Joe Bataan

Rafael Cameron

Loleatta Holloway

Instant Funk


Salsoul Records Biography

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External links:
disco-disco.com (Where you can hear various Salsoul sound clips in Real Audio)
Vincent Montana Jr. (Home of legendary vibes player, producer, songwriter, director  and arranger Vince Montana Jr.)
Ellen Michaels (The Salsoul Orchestra Cover Girl, featured on the cover of "Nice & Nasty", "Christmas Jollies", "Christmas Jollies 2", Barabas "Watch Out" and others. Ellen was also Playboy Playmate of the Month, Miss March 1972.

Credits and Special Thanks:

A huge "Thank you" goes out to Edward Hogan for supplying priceless additional Instant Funk information and to Armando Rivera and Joe Cali for letting me know what Loleatta Holloway has been up to for the past couple of years. Also thanks to Ami at CNR Music in Sweden for those original black and white Salsoul promo shots and to Per Stavborg and Mattias Bridfeldt for submitting the prizes to the Salsoul Competition. Thanks Fabrice for letting me know about the re-issue of "Cameron's In Love". Steve "The Fearless Leader" Washington, thanks for filling me in on Slave and Aurra. Justin Kantor, I owe you for the information regarding Starleana Young's solo album and backing work for J.T. Taylor. I would like to extend my gratitude towards everyone who's written such kind and supportive things to me, in regards to these pages. If you have any contributions or corrections you'd like to make, feel free to contact me. You will be credited for your help.


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