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Mavis Staples

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Album Discography
Mavis Staples: Love Gone Bad Title: "Love Gone Bad"
Format: LP & CD (U.S.)
Phono (1984 single),
HDH (CD Album 1994)
Year of Release:
1984 (single),
1994 (CD on HDH Records)
Catalogue number:
Phono 1051 (1984 single),
HDHCD-0300 (1994 HDH CD Album)
Brian and Edward Holland
Falling In Love, Show Me, I'll Always Love You, Love Gone Bad, It Only Happened, Holding On To Your Love, Beat Well Done, See What You Started, Interlude (Take Me To The River), Holding On To Your Love (Mavis In The House), Beat Well Done (Gospel), See What You Started (Club Mavis), Holding On To Your Love (Club Mavis)
Like myself, I guess not many people have heard "Love Gone Bad", the album Mavis made three years before hooking up with (The Artist Formerly Known As) Prince. The title track reached #75 on Billboard's R&B singles chart in January 1984. "Now, that's a good, good album," Mavis said. "I did that with the Holland brothers, Brian and Edward, and I really think that album was a hit. But these guys got to fighting over the material. See, Carolyn Franklin, Aretha's baby sister, the one who wrote 'Ain't No Way', she and I were doing this project. Carolyn came to me one day and said 'Mavis, there's a guy here in Detroit who will give tax shelter money. Can we make an album for $50.000?' I said 'chile, yeah, we can make an album and have half of that over!' This was a lawyer in Detroit that was giving tax shelter money. So Carolyn and I went to Detroit and saw him and started working on the record.

The Holland brothers were supposed to be doing a record on Bonnie Pointer from the Pointer Sisters, but her husband or boyfriend wouldn't let her out of the house. So some kind of way, the Holland brothers moseyed their way to my session and it just so happened that their brother-in-law was Carolyn Franklin's partner. So they came on in and they saw how our session was going and they started submitting songs and all of a sudden, they were in on this session. But now, after I started doing all the songs, got everything down, the Holland brothers and this attorney who let us have the money, they started fighting over the stuff. The album was supposed to be mine and Carolyn's and we were gonna hustle it and let different companies hear it and see who would take it. But it turned out so good that the attorney and the Holland brothers, they started fighting. I said 'now, wait a minute. The product is supposed to come to Carolyn and I so we can shop it around'. But the Holland brothers started their own label and the lawyer kept the product locked up in a safe for about ten years.

It wasn't until I got with Prince that they decided to get this product out there. It came out the Holland brothers' label. I don't recall the exact year, but in between 'Time Waits For No One' and 'The Voice', so sometime between '89 and '92. The label is Holland, Holland and Holland or H&H, I'm not sure. The only thing that did come out in 1984 was the single "Love Gone Bad". I'm crazy about that song! Actually, I think the "Love Gone Bad" album is ever better than "Time Waits For No One". We used real musicians, believe me, it's bad. There's one song on there (sings) 'I'm holding on, hold on to your love' and I think five, that Carolyn Franklin wrote. One's called 'Show Me'. (Sings) 'if you want me for your lady love, really, truly want my love, then show me'. It's really good! I was dying, I said 'please let this album get out there, let it be heard because it's a smash!' That album is free and it's jamming!"

Click here to hear Mavis singing "Show Me" over the phone. To listen, you need the Real Audio Player which you can download for free from RealNetworks, Inc.
Re-issue and compilation info:
Hard to find, but available on U.S. CD. The label is HDH Records (distributed and marketed by Aurific Records, Ltd.; Los Angeles, CA.). The catalogue number is HDHCD-0300. It's every bit as good as Mavis says in the interview, so it's well worth seeking out.


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