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Terms of use for the Flexitrack dog agility course editor.

© Januari 12 2004

You should carefully study these terms before starting to use Flexitrack.
The main purpose is to protect the developer and distributor from
unreasonable law suits. As a user, you do not risk serious legal
consequences by accepting the terms.

The freeware version may be used freely and without time limitation.

The license key is individual. The purchaser of the registered version
is expected not to share the license key with unauthorized users.

The registered version may be used by one person on many computers,
or on one computer by many users, but not both.

This software, in its entirity or in parts, is not specified and
tested to function within such areas as traffic control, travel by
air, space or sea, maintenance of power plants or other applications
with critical demands on reliability.

Except for a possible refund of the purchase sum, the developer and
distributor will not accept any claims on economic compensation whatsoever
on the grounds of damage or loss caused by the software.

The executable file and the accompanying help file are distributed as is,
without formal guarantees. Users are urged not to modify the files.
The developer guarantees that the original files do not contain any kind
of virus or functionality similar to viruses.

Anyone who downloads Flexitrack from this site is supposed to have accepted
the terms, irrespectively of the download method.

      I accept the terms       I do not accept

Svenska English intro | system specs. | download | installation | registering