eric g's Studio

This studio is up and working. It is not a collection or museum. All instruments are powered, connected, tuned and ready to play.
Most instruments are vintage analog, and there is not one MIDI connection.
There are no blue LED:s.

Slightly out-dated photo: The Prophet 5 is replaced by a Jupiter 8. Missing is the JD-800.

  • Monosynths:

    Moog Minimoog
    Moog Prodigy
    Moog Taurus Mk 1
    ARP Pro Soloist
    ARP Odyssey Mk. 2 (Korg clone)
    Roland SH-5
    Roland SH-1000
    Yamaha CS-01 Mk II
    Korg Monotron
    EHS-33 FatFoot (Taurus clone)

  • Analog polysynths:

    Yamaha CS-60
    Roland Jupiter 8

  • Modular, semi-modular and sequencers:

    Korg MS-System(2xMS-10, MS-20, MS-50, SQ-10, VC-10, MS-01, MS-02, MS-03, MS-04, MS-911)
    EHS 3P Modular synth
    Synthi Mu, Synthi A clone
    ARP2600 (TTSH clone)
    Roland CSQ-600

  • Drum machines:

    Roland TR-808
    Roland TR-707
    Korg Minipops 7
    Korg KR-55

  • Digital polysynths e.t.c.:

    Roland JD-800
    Korg Wavestation SR
    EMU Vintage keys VK-6 w/ ZR and B3 expansions

  • Drums:

    Roland TD-4 + 1 extra CY-8 cymbal
    THC Syncussion clone with 2x Roland PD-8 pads
    Boss DRP-2 and DRP-3

  • Recording and effects:

    Toshiba Satellite L500-1WG Laptop with Propeller head Reason and Record
    M-Audio Axiom 49 Controller keyboard
    MOTU 828 Mk2 USB
    Tascam 238 8-ch recorder
    Sony DCT-ZE700 DAT
    Behringer MX2442A 24/4/2 Mixer
    Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro Mixer
    M-audio BX5-A Monitors
    Neo Ventilator 2
    Lexicon MPX100
    Zoom Studio 1204
    Alesis 3630 Compressor/gate
    Ibanez DD-1000 dual digital delay
    EH Small Stone
    Schulte Compact A Phaser
    Boss CE-3
    Boss BF-2 Flanger, PH-1R Phaser (In rack box)
    Boss VT-1 Voice Transformer
    Boss ME-50
    Sound Creation SCQ-20 2*10 Equalizer

  • Other stuff:

    Korg Kaossilator
    Moog Etherwave Theremin
    Korg KMS-30
    EHS-26 Voltage Controlled Sampler
    Marchis Les Paul Electric Guitar

  • Toys:

    Casio MT-240
    Casio SA-1
    Coleco Talking Teacher

    Slightly out-dated photo: The PS-3100 is not there any more.

    Slightly out-dated photo: The Prophet 5 is replaced by a Jupiter 8

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