01. head around (5:11)
02. supermeaningfectlyless (3:21)
03. birds in cages (4:58)
04. never been a better day (4:42)
05. taramasalata (4:39)
06. il trascurato (4:22)
07. april and may (3:31)
08. marabous (4:28)
09. still all stands still (3:01)
10. neil (4:30)

japan cd bonus tracks:

11. brass (3:35)
12. summer and looking for a job (3:45)
13. waiting for the bell (5:14)


country format label catalogue number release date
sweden cd vibrafon vibrcd19 january 8, 1997
japan cd l'appareil-photo cocy-80475 (photo 5) january 21, 1997
sweden lp vibrafon vibrlp3 1997

all songs and production by eggstone (bartosch, carlsson, sunding). published by mnw music. strings on 'birds in cages': åsa håkansson, anna bergström, gabriele freese, stefan pöntinen and ronny weber. woodwinds on 'birds in cages': sofi sykfont, johan fransén, gabriel litsgård and ing-marie aronsson-litsgård. strings on 'taramasalata': åsa håkansson, susanne holmström, inga zeppezauer and anna sundborg. horns on 'taramasalata' and 'neil': petter lindgård and jens lindgård. horns on 'still all stands still': petter lindgård and peter dahl. mastered at cutting room by peter in de betou. cover design by ladislav kosa and eggstone. photos by frans hällqvist, nils bergendal, björn tiedemann, martin bogren and carl marcantonio. [p] & [c] 1997 vibrafon records. lyrics, guitar chords and piano arrangements available in the 'vive la différence!' songbook, vibb3. lp manufactured by eldorado, germany.


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