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++What is Two-mix?+

Two-mix is a Japanese band that was formed in 1995 by Takayama Minami (female) and
Nagano Shiina (male). Takayama Minami is the vocalist, composer and arranger whilst the talented Nagano Shiina is the lyricist for the band . The fascinating techno and dance beats and the touching lyrics have made Two-Mix so huge in the Japanese music industry. Two-Mix is probably more known in the anime series Gundam Wing, since they have produced many of their opening theme songs. Now check out the images and read about how Two-Mix was formed.

+++Pictures of Two-Mix++

+The history of Two-Mix++

Takayama and Nagano met and worked together long before they formed Two-Mix.

When Takayama released her first solo album <<Endless Communication>> in 1992, Nagano was the one who wrote the lyrics and it was the first time they worked together.
The first time they met was in the early 1990s. At that time, Nagano wanted to form a band with somebody who can compose or write lyrics, and then Takayama was introduced to him.
Nagano taught her how to compose and he also taught her how to play the piano.
Together with another member (the guitarist), they formed their first band "ES CONNEXION" and released the album <<RYTHMMIX>> in 1994, but the band disbanded in 1995, and it was then Two-Mix was formed.
In April 1995, they released their first single <<Just communication>>, which was also the opening song for the anime series Gundam Wing. In November, they released their second single <<Rhythm Emotion>>, which was another opening for Gundam Wing. Also, in August 1995, they released their first album <<BPM 132>> (BPM stands for "Beats Per Minute"). At the beginning of 1996, they released their second album <<BMP 143>> and in the winter of the same year, their third album <<BPM 150 Max>> was released.
In January 1997, they made another song <<White Reflection>> for Gundam Wing:Endless Waltz. Also in June, they released their first greatest hits album <<BPM Best Files>>. In the mid 1998, they wrote <<Last Impression>> for Gundam Wing:Endless.
In 1998, Two-Mix moved from their former record company KING RECORDS to WARNER MUSIC JAPAN. In November, Two-Mix wrote the opening song <<Truth>> for Detective Conan, and the single covers were drawn by Aoyama Gosho (
Takayama and Nagano's best friend).
In 1999, straight after they have signed the WARNER MUSIC JAPAN contract, they formed their own management agency <<Little Station>>, and Takayama Miru who is Minami's cousin also joined their <<Little Station>> and released an album under the name "MinaMiru".
In 2000, Two-Mix concentrated on their "Infinity Project", producing dance tracks under the name "TWO∞MIX". They also released <<BPM Cute>> which was their first English and Japanese album, this album attracted their international fans.

++Takayama Minami++

Despite a member of Two-Mix, Takayama is also a famous Japanese voice actress or Seiyuu, she does voice acting for the DC main character Edogawa Conan, for more information about Minami-san, go to the seiyuu page by clicking here.

++Nagano Shiina++

Nagano's real name is Makino Yoshiki and his birthday is on 11th November 19XX, Nagano wants to keep his actual age secret and he claims that he is eternally 20 years old. Despite the keyboardist, lyricist and arranger for Two-Mix, Nigano is also the president of their management agency <<Little Station>>.

++Two-Mix Songs+

>>Click here<< to go to the Two-mix song list!
My favourite songs are Just Communication, Last impression, Love Revolution and Rhythm Emotion.

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