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This section is a list of common questions that you may ask, please if you have any questions about this site or Detective Conan, read through this section first before sending any e-mails to me!

# Who the hell is detective conan?
You may find the answer in the story and characters, just click on the menu on the left!

# I've a Conan site, can I take pictures/mp3s/scans from your site?
If you want to take pictures, then you have to let me know about it and it would also be nice to place a link to me on your website. Because mp3s involve copyrights, so you're only suppose to download them for personal use, if you want any mp3s on your site, please buy your own CDs! I've scanned and translated all the manga, so they belong to ME and it is no way for you to steal them to your site, but you can link to my manga page if you want to.

# Can I exchange link with you?
Yes, as long as your site is related to Detective Conan or manga, then just send me an e-mail after you've linked me. There are two ways of exchanging link with me, the first choice is to place each others link/banner on the links page, and the second choice is to place the banner on every page of the site, which I've named affiliate. When you send me the e-mail, please tell me whether you want to be an affiliate or only link exchange!
There are some rules if you want to be my affiliate: 1) Your site must have a nice layout and is finished, i.e. it cannot be under construction 2) Your site must have at least fifteen pages 3) You must not stop updating your site 4) Your banner cannot be bigger than 88x32 5) Your site must not contain any adult contents, i.e. porn (even ads are not accepted) 6) Your site must not have too many popups

# I'm interested in Detective Conan and would like to give a hand to your site!
I've always wished to find somebody helping me with this site,
there are loads of things that I cannot manage by myself. At the moment I need a news reporter and someone who is good at graphics design. Do you love working with photoshop, paint shop pro and so on? Do you enjoy making wallpapers and other graphics? However, you do not necessarily have to be a news reporter or graphics designer, if you're interested in doing other particular jobs for the site, e.g. working with the photo section, providing the site with video caps, or working with any other sections (prefer the job that you're good at), you can also get in tough with me! I'm expecting your e-mails!

#When will Detective Conan end?
There is no news about when Detective Conan will end and I don't know when it'll end. Right now the author is still making the manga and new volumes are coming out instantly, if I get to know about any news, I'll report on this site immediately.

#There are many Detective Conan volumes that I want to see, can you put more scans on the site?
I'm sorry that I cannot do that, the one that I've scanned is only for a trial reading and for those who only speak English and do not have the manga in their languages. If you really want to see more, you'd better buy the manga because Aoyama Gosho has spent a long time creating them!

#There are some broken links on your site!
Please do not doubt to e-mail me at once, then I'll fix them immediately!

#When was this site founded?
I don't remember the exact date I opened this site since in the beginning I was just making the site for my own entertainment~ I started making this site in October/November 2003.

Is your question missing in this section? Then please e-mail me!