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+Manga Quiz+

This quiz tests you whether or not you're a real Conan fanatic, there are questions about the Manga, you can't find the answers in the other sections, because you have to have read the volumes to be able to answer them! If you can answer 70% of the questions, I'll give you a special gift! Click Refresh to restart the quiz

1. What age does Haibara answer when Conan asks her for the first time how old she is?


2. How does Yusaku disguise himself to trick Conan the first time he appears?

He disguises himself as one of the men-in-black
He disguises himself as a fat ugly woman who is a member of the organisation
He disguises himself as his famous novel character "The quaint baron of dark night"
He disguises himself as a mysterious detective and listens to Conan while he deduces

3. What does Kaito Kid want to steal the first time he appears?

The "Black Star" pearl
The "Black Star" crystal
The "Black Star" precious stone
The "Black Star" diamond

4. When was this "Black Star" bought?

30 years ago
40 years ago
50 years ago
60 years ago

5. What question does Shinichi ask Ran when he solves the case on the aeroplane (his first solved case)?

How long is your bra band?
Is your bra elastic?
Does your bra have a metal wire in it?
Does your bra have a long string in it?

6. Conan once uses Shinichi's voice to solve the case in a karaoke box, after the case Ran waits outside his house. What Christmas present does Shinichi give Ran?

A scarf
A pair of socks
A woolen cap

7. When Two-Mix is kidnapped, what is the name of the song that is the key to the mystery?

"Living Daylights"
"Key Of Love"

8. There is a one-file-long case about a man who is forced to kill somebody who is in hospital because they have kidnapped his daughter, what is the reason the Detective Boys is at the hospital that day?

Because Kogoro has been shot
Because Kogoro has broken his arm
Because Kogoro has fallen down the stairs
Because Kogoro has been hit by Conan when he tries to make him sleep

9. The case when Kogoro, Ran and Conan meet Eri at the beach, what has Eri lost?

Her ring
Her earring
Her contact lens
Her bracelet

10. The case with the unknown girl who claims that she is Shinichi's girlfriend, what gadget does Conan use to communicate with her?

Telephone earring
The lunch box fax
The voice imitative pen
The Detective Boys' badge