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+Heiji's Quiz+

Hi, Heiji fans, this quiz is the third quiz I've made for this site, which you'll notice is a bit different from the last ones (Shinichi's quiz and Manga quiz), because this time you'll not be informed if you've answered the question correctly or not after each question (but of course you can still check it by yourself by clicking "advance to next level"), which makes it harder of course!! When you have passed this quiz (8p at least), I will direct you back to the game section.

1. What does it show on Heiji's cap?


2. From whom has Heiji got his dark skin?

His Mother
His Father
His Grandmother
His Grandfather

3. Conan's favourite mystery writer is Conan Doyle, and who is Heiji's favourite?

Ellery Queen
Nomura Kodo
Maurice Leblanc
He also like Conan doyle

4. What is his dad's occupation?

A private detective like Mouri Kogoro
A police officer in Osaka who has just retired
He is an inspector in Osaka (same rank as Megure inspector)
The chief inspector of the police departement in Osaka

5. Who is Heiji's first love (Hatsu Koi)?

A girl older than Heiji in Kyoto
A girl older than Heiji in Osaka
A girl named "Kudo"

6.Who is Heiji afraid of?

His dad
His mom
Kazuha ~when she gets angry~
Kazuha's dad

7. What sport is Heiji good at?

Tae Kwon Do

8. Shinichi and Heiji, who is more popular?

They're equal popular
Before it was Shinichi, but now after he has shrunk it is Heiji

9. What is Heiji's intention the first time he comes to Tokyo?

To find out if Kudo Shinichi is as smart as him or not
To compete with Mouri Kogoro
To meet Kudo Shinichi and make friend with him
To investigate a case in Tokyo, where he encounters Mouri, Conan and Ran

10. How old is Heiji?