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09/05/06 - Fan fics "Greatest Detective" chapter 1-5 added.

07/06/05 - 1) 1 wallpaper added 2) Fanfic "A cry in the night" added.

29/01/05 - 1) Added a review of episode 5 2) One wallpaper added 3) A Christmas fanfic added

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Detective Conan News:
Latest news updated on 29/01/05
+++The Latest Episode: 383 - Air on 20th December 2004 7:30 on YTV++
Source: V 43 F. 10, V 44 F. 1-6 Christmas Two Hours Special: Koshien's Wonder! Cannot Lose to the Unseen Devil

Conan and them have been invited by Heiji to Koshien to watch the Summer Highschool Baseball game. However, they have accidentally found a cell phone. The person says if they cannot find the other phones that have been hidden elsewhere before the game ends in round there, round six and round nine, he will set off the bombs to commit suicide. At that moment, another message has displayed the sign of the location of the phone. Will Conan and Heiji be able to find this bomber in the Koshien field with 50 thousand spectators?
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+Latest News ---- The Ninth Movie++

Information about Movie 9 was announced on the 05/1 issue of Shonen Sunday. The official English name for this movie is "Strategy above the depths", check out the official movie site for Japanese information. The picture to the left is the official poster for this movie drawn by Aoyama-sensei!

This movie is going to hit the theaters on 9th April 2005. It has been announced that the movie theme will be sung by Zard!

The story is going to take place in the ocean, on a ship... and what crisis will be between Conan and Ran?

More information about this movie will be added soon!

you can also send your own news to us... which will be posted in here if relevant.

latest update on 29/01/05

++Release News+
+Volume 48 released++
Detective Conan Manga Japanese Version Volume 48 released on 14th January 2005 in Japan~

Fixed price: 410 Yen.
>Click here< to purchase it online!

++Strategy above the depths OST++
The Original Soundtrack of the ninth movie Strategy above the depths will be released on 6th April 2005, the price will be 3059 Yen.

++New GBA++
The newest Game Boy Advanced Game is going to release in Spring 2005

++Special Version Manga Vol. 23++
The Meitantei Conan Manga Special Version Vol. 23 will be realeased at Christmas Eve (24th December 2004). The fixed price is 410 Yen.

++The PS2 Game [p鍑̈Y]++
The Detective Conan Playstation 2 3D game [p鍑̈Y] released on 18th November 2004! For more information go to the >>official site<<! More information will be added in here very soon, stay tune!

++Retail sale of Movie 8 DVD/VHS on...++
The DVD retail version of Magician Of The Silver Sky released on 15th December 2004 in Japan~

>Click here< to order it on

++News On Movie 9...+
The 9th movie for Detective Conan will be released next year by April 29th to May 5th during the Golden Week in Japan. It will probably be based on an Ocean theme due to the preview shown~

++Movie 8 DVD/VHS released++
The DVD and VHS of the eighth Conan movie Magician Of The Silver Sky released and can be hired on 8th October 2004 in Japan~

+Calendar 2005+
Detective Conan Calendar 2005 released on October 21st 2004. Click on the image to the right to enlarge the front cover of the calendar!

+Random News++

+Meitantei Conan Reached 500 Files...+
Meitantei Conan started to publish on Shonen Sunday in 1994... and it has now reached File 500... in this file three new members from the black organisation appear...

The image on the right is Shonen Sunday Vol. 50-51!

Posted on 13/11/04

+New Ending Theme+
Ending theme has been changed from episode 376, which aired on 1st November! The new Conan ending theme is <<Y炫>> by Garnet Crow. Their single will release on 17th November!

Posted on 01/11/04

+Aoyama-sensei... 100 millions sold+
It was announced on the Websunday Homepage that Aoyama Gosho had reached the legendary limit of 100 millions sold copies. It took him about 17 years as a manga artist to do this. Of course, the bulk of the sales are represented by Detective Conan, which is printed in most european countries, and aired on TV there as well.

Posted on 13/10/04

+Manga 1 published in Sweden...+
<<Detective Conan>> manga has released in Sweden for the first time, the title "Mästerdetektiven Conan" has been adopted, the first translated Swedish volume is now available in the Swedish manga stores! Unlike the Aisan versions, the front cover is very simple, just the official Conan picture on a one color background!

Do you know when Conan will be released in other countries? E-mail us the news!

Posted on 10/09/04

+Case Closed manga+
Here is a picture of the Case Closed manga Vol.1 which was released two weeks ago on 2nd September 2004. The price is approximately from 7-10 dollars (very expensive compare to Asia). Click the image to enlarge!

Posted on 16/09/04

+News on Case Closed++
Adultswim has been repeating all the episodes again 1-50. It is most probably they needed more time to sub the following episodes.

Posted on 10/09/04

+The 16 Suspects++
The book entitled "The 16 Suspects" is now currently underneath construction. It is based on the special episode "the 16 Suspects" which has never appeared in the Conan manga before.

Posted on 07/09/04