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Update Archives:

07/06/05 - 1) 1 wallpaper added 2) Fanfic "A cry in the night" added.

29/01/05 - 1) Added a review of episode 5 2) One wallpaper added 3) A Christmas fanfic added

19/12/04 - 1) Review of episode 4 added 2) Two Wallpapers added 3) Five Fanfics "Orbital Query" are added

03/12/04 -
Movie Review: National Treasure

25/11/04 - 1) Two fan fics "FRIENDSHIPS OF SORROW PART 1 & 2" are added to the fan fics section! 2) A fan art added to the fan arts section!

14/11/04 - New screen caps from episode 377 are added! 12 screen caps are added!

13/11/04 - 1)Review of episode 3 is added 2) Three wallpapers are added

06/11/04 - 1) New screen caps, 12 screen caps from episode 376 are added! 2) I've totally changed the anime page.... added a latest TV schedule etc...

05/11/04 - I've added my summary and review of movie 8, if you want to read it, go to the movie section and click on the link in there...

28/10/04 - New section is up!! The Screen Caps section... I remember some of you have requested this before... so from now on I'll start making some screen caps... this time 12 screen caps from the latest episode 375 are added!!! Go to anime and click on the link!!!

23/10/04 - A review of episode 2 is added!

17/10/04 - A new section "Mystery Reviews" is up, and a new review of episode 1 is added. Click on "Investigation" and follow the link!

16/10/04 - 1) A new fan fiction "What the Tide Brings In" added 2) Added two wallpapers into the download section

21/09/04 - A new article "From Poe to Aoyama: The Legacy of the Detective Story" is added to the investigation section!

11/09/04 - A new fan fiction "The boy detective and the spider" is added!

07/09/04 - 1) A new wallpaper is added to the download section by our new graphic designer CBIzumi! More free downloads will be coming! 2) The new staff page is up!

06/08/04 - New Ten Reasons is up, "Ten reasons why we think that Ai is in love with Conan", go and check it out!!!

01/08/04 - A new "Heiji's Quiz" is added to the game section! Heiji fans, go and see how much you know about Heiji!!!

31/07/04 - A new section "Secret of the names" is added~ go to the dictionary and click on the link to read about the sources of the names in DC!!

19/07/04 - A new section "Investigation" is up, right now I've written <<going deep into the black organisation part 1>>, go and check it out! The next part will be added very soon, also, stay tune for more deep analysis/investigations of different plots of the story!

07/07/04 - I've just written a brief introduction about movie 7, and soon I'll write about it in detail, because this movie involves the Japanese history about Benkei and stuff...

03/07/04 - At last, I've completed the manga section! Maybe I shouldn't report it in here but it took me a long time to finish scanning the covers and naming the stories. Go and check it out! You'll find some page scans in there as well~

01/07/04 - Finally, the Two-Mix section is up! Go to Notables and click on Two-Mix to read about this successful J-pop band!

30/6/04 - Three wallpapers are added to the download section, enjoy!

25/6/04 - The "Conan Words A-Z" section is up, go to dictionary and follow the link to read the descriptions of different Conan words!

24/6/04 - The Kanji Names page is up, this page is about the Japanese Kanji of the character names in Detective Conan, there are also description about the Japanese alphabets. Go to Dictionary and follow the link to this page to learn how to write their names!

22/6/04 - Finally, since there are many request, so I've added Nazo and Anata ga Iru Kara into the songs section for you to download, enjoy!

21/6/04 - The page Seiyuu is up, go to the new section Notables and click Seiyuu to read about Takayama Minami and other Conan voice actors/actress!

15/5/04 - 1) I have added some information about some mysterious characters on the character page, there are info about Jodie, Vermouth and Suichi! 2) New guestbook is up! Please click here to sign

02/05/04 - I have added more images and a new episode image page!

26/04/04 - A new section is up - the Gadgets section, go and read about the gadgets which Conan uses to solve cases and to catch the criminals!

25/04/04 - Two new wallpapers are added to the download section. The background images were both taken by me when I visited Rome at Easter, enjoy! 2) Added some information about Case Closed in the story section. 3) Added some pictures to the characters page and image page!

20/04/04 - Nine pictures are added to the image section, enjoy!

19/04/04 - A new poll is up - "Will you shrink yourself back to a child if you get one of the APTX4869?", scroll down the page to vote, also, if you answer yes, tell us why by leaving a comment. Please note that you can still vote the old poll on the other pages!

18/04/04 - 1) Finally, I've decided to put the forum up even though I haven't got enough visitors. If you're interested in registering, it would be nice of you to invite your friends to do so as well, since more people means more gossip! 2) I've added a new picture and a new image page!

01/04/04 - Today's the first of april! I've created a survey: "Are you a BIG Conan fan", if you wanna find out, go to the polls page to answer some questions!!

27/03/04 - A new section "Ten Reasons" is up, in this section you'll be able to read 10 different reasons about an interesting question regarding the story, I hope you'll enjoy reading them! If you have any topic you want me to put up you can e-mail me!

7/03/04 - I have just made another quiz for you, but this "Manga quiz" is a lot more difficult, this tests your knowledge about the stories. If you're interested, go to the games section to check it out!

2/03/04 - Four wallpapers are added to the download section, enjoy! Please read the paragraph in the download section to be clarified.

23/02/04 - A new "Shinichi's quiz" is added to the games section! There are ten questions about Shinichi, try if you manage them all!

16/02/04 - A new section "Facts" is up, go and read about some interesting facts about the story and the characters, get to know more about Detective Conan!

7/02/04 - Fan fics section is up! There is a story I've written, I haven't finished it yet but you can take a look at it. Do you write stories? Then e-mail me and I'll place the story in here!

6/02/04 - 1) Fan arts section is up! I've drawn my first Conan picture which you can see on that page, please take a look! I'd like to receive some feedback as well! Create and send your own art! 2) Download section is up! So far there is only a bookmarker for you to download, more coolstuff will be added soon, make sure to check back later!

5/02/04 - A brand new puzzle game is added to the game section, click on the menu and play it! More puzzles and other games will be added very soon!

9/12/03 - A new section "Dictionary" is up, here you can find explanations of the Japanese words that you may not know!

6/12/03 - A new video clip from the movie "The Phantom Of Baker Street" is added to the video section, just click on the menu and enter the video section to see this clip!

23/11/03 - A New Game is added to the game section, "Love Match", see how much two people match!

10/11/03 - New poll is up! To vote, scroll down the page and you'll see the poll there. You can also write comments as well! Do you have any suggestions for our next poll? Send an e-mail to me!