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Ten reasons why Ran should have found out about Conan's real identity...

1) Conan appears on the same day as Shinichi has disappeared
2) Conan's deduction skill resembles Shinichi's
3) Conan could guess a person's employment just like Shinichi
4) Ran knows how Shinichi looked like when he was a child, she must have noticed Conan's appearance is the same as Shinichi's
5) The first time Shinichi reappears, Ran must have noticed when Shinichi appears, Conan has suddenly disappeared, and while Shinichi has gone, Conan is back
6) Conan's lacking knowledge of music and his singing voice is too remarkable
7) Conan is also very good at soccer as Shinichi
8) Conan's knowledge about Sherlock Holmes is also too distinctive and too alike Shinichi
9) As a seven-year-old kid, Conan's analytical ability and his cleverness are beyond belief
10) Conan doesn't have children's innocence and naivety
11) Ran has known Shinichi since childhood, she must have noticed Conan's action and manner and their resemblance
12) Ran sometimes hears Heiji calling Conan "Kudo", she must have suspected
13) Ran must have suspected why her father suddenly has become a famous detective after Conan's appearance

Ten reasons why Conan still doesn't reveal the truth to Ran...

1) Aoyama wants to keep the climax of the story
2) He also wants to maintain our anxiety to see her reaction and the consequences when she gets to know about the truth
2) Conan is afraid that Ran will be in danger
3) Conan knows if Ran knows his state, she will worry about him everyday and feel miserable
4) Conan is afraid of not seeing Ran's smile after she knows the truth
5) Haibara has told Conan the manner of the black organisation, they'll kill everyone that is involved, so he doesn't want Ran to be one of their targets (in fact, I think it is a very naive thought, because even if Ran doesn't know that , I'm sure the black organisation will still kill her)
6) Since Conan has kept this secret since the beginning, it is now hard for him to tell her
7) Since Ran has revealed too many secrets to Conan, Conan dare not tell her the truth
8) Conan is so concerned about Ran, he loves her more than anything in this world, and he would do anything to protect her
9) Also, other people have encouraged him not to tell Ran the truth, so it makes him not to do so
10) Ran is too tender and she concerns about other people more than herself, Conan doesn't know how she would feel if she knows about it, he is afraid of seeing her reaction

Ten reasons why Haibara and Conan should have a relationship...

1) They have experienced similar things
2) They're both shrunk
3) They're both keeping the same secrets
4) They're both in danger
5) They also want to search for the ingredients of APTX4869
6) If they both cannot return to their real size, Conan can never be with Ran, and the girls at his age (e.g. Ayumi) are too childish, thus Haibara and he would make a good couple
7) Haibara is one of the few persons whom Conan can talk to about the black organisation
8) Since there are so many connections between them, it appears that they cannot live without one another
9) Few people understands Conan's situation, therefore Haibara plays an important role to him
10) Haibara is only one year older than Conan in reality, so they match perfectly
11) Haibara does appear to love Conan, but it is still unclear since she appears so mysterious, sometimes you really can't tell whether she is serious or not

Ten reasons why we think that Ai is in love with Conan...

1) Ai always tries to avoid seeing/talking to Ran, hence it seems that she doesn't like Ran very much (Jealousy?!)
2) Ran always tries to be nice to Ai, but Ai keeps avoiding her and she once says to herself: "Maybe I'm evading?"..."Don't be silly" {and what does she mean but that?}
3) Ai is so impressed by Conan's deduction skill
4) She once says to Conan: "You're really charming, I'm starting to be interessed in you"... "I'm actually only 18, match perfectly with you"... "You Got it?" (Conan's reaction is like... Huh?)
5) Ai always glances secretly at Conan and when Conan notices that, she looks away immediately
6) Ai says to Conan that she is not afraid to go to classes because Conan is also there, she feels save with Conan
7) Yukiko who is a very smart woman notices and believes that Ai really loves Conan and she tells him about that, but Conan thinks that is impossible
8) Conan is a very dedicated person, he says to Ai that he'll protect her no matter what happens~ how could Ai not be impressed by that
9) Ai claims that only Conan understands her because they're in the same situation ~ so it could also mean that Conan is the only person that she could have relationship with
10) When Ai has invented the trial antidote for APTX4869 and she has allowed Conan to try that, Conan wonders: "Why do you have to help me that much?"... "With the antidote, you could also turn back to your former self"~ Ai claims that she has to help him because if his secret is revealed, she'll get into trouble as well" ~ but she surely doesn't mean that
11) In movie four, Ai says to Conan: "If I lost my memories, then I could forget about everything... including my sister's death and the drug that I've been forced to make...then I could really be the innocent elementary student Haibara Ai...and to spend the rest of my life with you...just kidding...." {Although she says in the end that it is a joke... however...}

Is there any ten reasons you want me to put up in here? If yes, just e-mail me!!!