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Detective Conan is a Japanese manga series that is very popular in Japan, it is translated into many languages and sells in many countries in Asia and Europe.
The story is about a seventeen-year-old highschool student Kudo Shinichi who is a very talented detective, he saves the Japanese police and helps them to deduce the criminals. His favourite phrase is: There is only one truth, there is always news about this highschool detective and people call him Holmes of the twentieth century. One day Shinichi goes to the amusement park with his childhood friend Mouri Ran and he follows two suspicious men in black, one of them hits him and forces him to swallow a drug which is meant to kill him, but instead, he shrinks to a child!
The mini Shinichi changes his name to Edogawa Conan and lives with Mouri Ran and her father Mouri Kogoro, who is a private detective, Conan-Kun helps him to solve cases and makes him become a popular detective. Yet Ran and her father don't know Conan's real identity and Docter Agasa, Conan's neighbor is the first one who knows about it, he tells Conan to hide his identity because the men in black will come and kill him and everyone who is related to him will be in danger.
For not being suspicious, Conan goes back to primary school and together with some friends they form "The Detective Boys".
Although Conan has shrunk, he still has the talent and a lot of mysteries are waiting for him to solve!

Case Closed in the U.S.

Detective Conan is now showing on the U.S. TV, but the title has been changed to Case Closed due to legal considerations. Also, some of the characters have renamed whilst the core character Edogawa Conan remains unchanged, here below are some of the characters in the U.S. Case Closed:
Kudo Shinichi ---- Jimmy Kudo
Mouri Ran ---- Rachel Moore
Mouri Kogoro ---- Richard Moore
Ayumi ---- Amy
Genta ---- George
Mitsuhiko ---- Mitch

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