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In this section you'll be able to get more familiar with the different seiyuu (voice actress/actors) of Detective Conan


What does the term seiyuu mean? As the name suggests, seiyuu - is a Japanese word and it simply means voice actress/actors for radio and television. Seiyuu is usually used in anime and commercial advertisements. For example, the different voices of the DC characters are contributed by different famous Japanese Seiyuu.

Takayama Minami ~ Edogawa Conan
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+General & Comments+

Minami san is probably one of the most well-known seiyuu and the most of you (Conan fans) are probably familiar with that name, or you may also be a fan of her as me.
Except her seiyuu career, Takayama is also a member of the successful J-pop duo Two-Mix.
Takayama is really good at playing with her voice which she also shows in her songs as well as being a seiyuu. She sings all the Two-Mix songs and she also composes and arranges the major of them whilst her band member
Nagano Shiina writes the lyrics.
As a Conan fan myself, it is such a pleasure to listen to Two-Mix, because as you listen to their songs, you'll hear Conan's voice~ it's really funny~ Furthermore, despite her voice, their music is awesome (techno and dance beats). I'm so fascinated by this kind of beat. More information about Two-Mix by clicking here.

+Brief Personal information+

Takayama Minami's real name is Arai Izumi and she was born on 5th May 1964 in Tokyo (can you believe it, she's 40 years old). Despite Conan, Minami san also does voice acting for loads of other anime characters, some well-known such as Tendo Nabiki in Ranma and Kiki in Kiki's Delivery Service.

++The Seiyuu in Detective Conan+++

Here below are the rest of DC main seiyuu, since their information are limited and not very significant, so I've decided not to write about them, unless there're something interesting about them:

Yamazaki Wakana
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Mouri Ran
Kamiya Akira
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Mouri Kogoro
Yamaguchi Kappei
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Kudo Shinichi, Kaito Kid
Kenichi Ogata
Doctor Agasa
Iwai Yukiko
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Yoshida Ayumi
Takagi Wataru Kojima Genta, Takagi Wataru
Otani Ikue Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
Hayashibara Megumi
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Haibara Ai, Miyano Shiho
Horikawa Ryou Hattori Heji
Miyamura Yuko Toyama Kazuha
Matsui Naoko Suzuki Sonoko
Chaafu Rin Megure Juuzou
Yuya Atsuko
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Satou Miwako
Inoue Kazuhiko Shiratori Ninzaburou
Tanaka Hideyuki Kudo Yusaku
Shimamoto Sumi Kudo Yukiko
Takashima Gara Kisaki Eri
Hori Yukinori Gin
Tachiko Fumihiko Vodka

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