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++ Screen Captures+++

Welcome to the screen caps section! In here you can find screen caps from the episodes and movies! All the screen captures are made by Dreamforest, DO NOT STEAL THE IMAGES IN HERE EXCEPT FOR PERSONAL USE... if you want to use them you must contact me and give me full credits... notice that I could have written "Dreamforest" on the pictures... but I haven't done that because I know you won't like that... also, for those of you who have done screen caps before, you know it is a very tiresome job, which requires a lot of time, SO PLEASE COOPERATE!!!

I've seen a lot of screen captures from other sites and usually they are either too small or in bad quality... or have their web-site names written on the images... but in here... all the pictures are of their original size, good quality and NO NAMES THAT BLOCK YOUR VIEW!!! ENJOY!!!

::::Episode 377::::

Noted: All images are 640X480

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