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++Other characters from later volumes+++

Hattori Heiji: open an image
The Detective of the West, he lives in Osaka and has a particular accent. The first time he comes to Tokyo is to compete with Shinichi. His deduction is as good as Shinichi's and in a case he finds out Conan's indentity, now he is a good friend to Conan and they solve cases together.
Heiji is very good at Kendo.

Toyama Kazuha: open an image
Heiji's childhood friend, like Ran to Shinichi, Kazuha is also in love with Heiji. At first she thinks Ran is that "Kudo" whom Heiji usually talks about, so she is jealous of Ran, now she and Ran are good friends.

Kaito Kid: open an image
A.K.A. Kaito 1412, he's an international thief who all the detectives and police want to capture. Each time when he wants to steal something, he would inform the police first when and what he's going to steal, as if he wants to compete with the police. In fact, Kaito Kid's purpose is stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. His real identity is Kuroba Kaito open an image.

Shiratori Ninzaburou Inspector:
A police inspector, sometimes appears with Megure inspector. Sometimes he seems unkind to Conan and some others. He likes Satou san.

Takagi Wataru : open an image
He's a police officer who often appears in the later volumes with Megure inspector, he seems timid and although he loves Satou san, he doesn't have the nerve to tell her. He's under Miwako.

Satou Miwako: open an image
She's an officer who appears in the later volumes, both Shiratori and Takagi are in love with her. She is Takagi's boss but she seems to love him as well. Satou san is very popular in the police force.

+++Mysterious characters++

"A Secret makes a woman woman", this is the cruel and beautiful American former celebrity Vermouth's favourite phrase. Vermouth is good at disguising herself and she is a member of the black organisation. At first, Aoyama misled us as to Vermouth's identity is Ran's English teacher Jodie Saintemillion, but it is not true. In vol 42, we'll know that Vermouth is a lot older than Jodie, so she must have disguised herself in order to look so young (The FBI has found out that Vermouth and her mother is the same person, that means she knows Yukiko and has seen Shinichi and Ran in NY city a year before, it was her who taught Yukiko the disguise methods), and when Jodie was little, Vermouth killed her father (who was a FBI agent and had got some data regarding Vermouth's crimes) and intended to kill Jodie as well by burning down their house, but failed because Jodie went out to buy her daddy's favourite orange juice. You'll also know in vol 42 that Vermouth has disguised herself as Araide Tomoaki. Moreover, Vermouth has already found out Haibara is Sherry and Conan is Shinichi, she intends to kill Haibara but failed, she also promises Conan that she'll give up killing Haibara, and does that mean she'll never reveal the secret to Gin or their boss? It seems to me that Conan and Haibara's state is very dangerous, because Vermouth is like a bomb, which will explode at any time~ If I were Yukiko, I will not let my son stay in Japan.
The first time Vermouth appears is on the case of bus hijacking~ the Araide Tomoaki who goes on the bus with Jodie is actually Vermouth and it is her who has stolen Mouri Kogoro's case files. That's why during the hijacking, Haibara can smell the smell of the black organisation and it makes us think that the one she smells is Jodie.

Jodie Saintemillion:
Jodie is American and is Ran and Sonoko's new English teacher, she likes Japanese games and always wears sexy clothes. Jodie's identity was a mystery and people believe that she is a member of the black organisation or that she is Vermouth (Aoyama used to draw Jodie and Vermouth at the same time to mislead us, also, Jodie and Vermouth look and behave similar). Until in vol. 42, Aoyama reveals that Jodie is actually FBI and she wants to help Haibara. Jodie is about to go back to America, so Ran and Sonoko will miss her a lot. Jodie usually calls Conan 'Cool Kid', and Ran incidentally sees Conan and Shinichi's pictures behind Jodie's bathroom mirror, so she thinks at first that Jodie is a bad person who wants to hurt Conan. In fact, it is fairly common in America to have friends' pictures at home.

Akai Shuichi:
Like Jodie, his identity is a mystery. He seems to track Conan/Haibara and he even eavesdrops Conan and Haibara's conversation. People would think, is Shuichi a member of the black organisation? In fact, I believe Shuichi is also FBI like Jodie, because when Ran saw him in New York city, she saw FBI on his subordinate's back. Furthermore, Mr James who is also FBI knows Shuichi. In Vol 42. Shuichi appears and he shoots Vermouth~ and both Jodie and Vermouth know him because they call his name. Later on Vermouth tells Gin about it, and Gin says that Shuichi is a dangerous person, who can be a threat to the black organisation?!

The boss of the black organisation:
It is still an unknown person, all we know is Vermouth is his favourite woman and in vol. 42, Vermouth has texted a message to him~ Conan has asked Vermouth to let him meet the boss but he does not succeed.

Main Characters