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>>Conan Dictionary >>The Kanji Names of the Characters

When reading Aoyama-sensei's manga, you may notice sometimes that a name sounds like a famous detective or a well-known mystery writer. It is because Aoyama has gotten the idea from them. In this section you can read about the sources of the names! There are more actually but I'll add 'em when I've got time~

++Character names++

Edogawa Conan
Edogawa Rampo and Conan Doyle (mystery writers)

Mouri Ran
Maurice Leblanc (mystery writer who created the famous Arsène Lupin)

Dr Agasa

Agatha Christie (mystery writer)

Kisaki Eri
Ellery Queen (Kisaki=Queen
in Japanese; Ellery Queen is a mystery writer)

Mouri Kogoro
Maurice Leblanc and Akechi Kogoro (a famous detective created by Edogawa Rampo)

Jules Maigret (a famous detective created by Georges Simenon) and Unno Juuzou (Japanese mystery writer)

Hattori Heiji
Zenigata Heiji (a famous detective created by Nomura Kodo) and Inspector Hattori (character from a Japanese TV drama series)

Miyano Shiho
Sherlock Holmes (a famous detective created by Conan Doyle)

Haibara Ai
Cordelia Gray (female detective created by P.D. James) and V.I. Warshawski (female detective created by Sara Paretsky). Haibara in Japanese means gray and V.I. is the inverted Ai

Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
Asami Mitsuhiko (a detective created by the Japanese mystery writer Yasuo Uchida)

Yoshida Ayumi
Kitagawa Ayumi (Japanese mystery writer)

Hattori Heizo
Inspector Hattori and Hasegawa Heizo (detective created by Ikenami Shoutarou)

Ikenami Shizuka
Ikenami Shoutarou (Japanese mystery writer)

Edogawa Rampo
The pseudonym Edogawa Rampo was taken from the American writer Edward Allan Poe

++Place Names++

Same as Sherlock Holmes' Baker street ~ the street where he lives (same pronunciation, different kanji)

The name of Ran's highschool and Conan's elementery school, "Tei-tan" is the inverted pronunciation of "Tan-tei" (Tantei in Japanese means Detective)

POARO - Poriot (the coffee shop beneath Mouri Kogoro's detective agency)
Hercule Poriot (a famous private detective created by Agatha Christie)

>>Conan Dictionary >>The Kanji Names of the Characters