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Detective Conan Case Review:
Case #4: Fish Marks the Spot

Case Summary:

Conan and his new friends (Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta) find a mysterious piece of paper written in a code, which they immediately assume to be a treasure map. Using their wits (mostly Conan’s wits), the children end up finding the treasure, only to confront another group of treasure hunters (i.e. criminals with guns).

Critique (Spoiler Warning):

This is the one that most defiantly sets up the series for the rest of the more light hearted “Detective Boy” cases. In these cases, the mysteries are usually easier to figure out and nowhere near as serious when it comes to the crimes. This one follows that formula, which is strikingly similar to almost every mystery about a child detective.

The case itself is fairly unoriginal as the kids finding treasure has been done many times, but it is well executed enough to make up for that. It is also pretty hilarious, especially when we see Conan/ Shinichi struggling to solve the case and going crazy over it.

“Why can’t I figure this out!?”

Hilarious. ^^

The ending was also pretty good, showing us that Conan can think fast in tight situations.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Pros: Light-hearted, humorous, well written

Cons: Strange lack of internal dialogue from Shinichi. It seems as if there isn’t enough of it.

Mystery Recommendations: The Sign of Four (Arthur Conan Doyle), The Musgrave Ritual (Arthur Conan Doyle), A Hunting We Will Go (DC Case #31), National Treasue (Movie- Walt Disney Pictures)

Anime Recommendations: Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, Dragonball

~ By BearFrog ~
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