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Here is a brief introduction about the Conan Movies

# Movie 1: The Time Bomb Skyscraper

This movie is about an architect who wants to revenge because Shinichi has once made him not able to carry on with a project of a building that he has designed. He has made and hidden some bombs in the railway and in the building where Ran is stuck inside, because Ran has arranged a meeting with Shinichi (of course Shinichi cannot come) since it is his birthday. Shinichi (Conan) is trying to tell Ran how to cut the bomb..... a sweet love scene in the end, Ran is going to choose between the red and the blue wire.....

# Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target

The murder uses the fourteen cards to represent his targets, who all have their names in numbers. The murder pretends that he is that man who wants to take revenge on Mouri Kogoro because of the incident ten years ago.....Ran recalls this incident about her dad shooting her mom.... the murder tricks everyone to the restaurant in the middle of the sea, and nobody can get out..... in the end Conan saves Ran by shooting her leg.....

# Movie 3: The Last Wizard Of The Century

This movie is about Kaito Kid - the thief who the police and detectives cannot capture, he wants to steal the "memorial egg" from Suzuki, Kaito Kid is injured in the beginning but appears to be fine because he has disguised himself as one of them who tries to find the secret of this memorial egg... again Conan saves Ran in the end..... Conan also nearly tells Ran his real identity, but Kaito Kid disguises himself as Shinichi and comes in time to see Ran.

# Movie 4: Captured In Her Eyes

I love this movie since it has a nice love scene between Conan and Ran. Ran has lost all her memories after she has seen the murder, everyone is trying to help her to recover while the murder plans to kill her. They go back to the amusement park where Ran and Shinichi have been to together (that day when Shinichi skrinks to Conan). The best part is when Conan confesses to Ran, he says "I love you more than anything in this world", since this is exactly the same phrase as her father says to her mom, and since Conan is too young to her, she doesn't take that seriously.

# Movie 5: Countdown To Heaven

I don't like this movie much, because I think the murder case is not outstanding and there is not much climax in the movie. The two men in black appears in this movie because they find out that Sherry (Haibara) will be in that building after having heard her phone conversation with her sister. There is one scene when Ran jumps down from the top of the building with Conan, otherwise it is always explosion and stuff like that. In the end the Detective Boys are trapped in the building and they have to get out by "flying" a car to the opposite building before the explosion. Haibara wants to die but Conan rescues her in time.

# Movie 6: The Phantom Of Baker Street

This movie is very special, it is about Conan and the gang trapped inside a game about Sherlock Holmes and one of them has to win the game in order to rescue the others who are game over, otherwise all of the 50 participants will die, since a man-made brain has manipulated the computers... in the end Conan succeed in winning the game and only Conan and Hiroki, the computer (Noah's Ark, a man-made brain) who disguises himself as one of the wealthy kids, are left.

# Movie 7: Crossroad In The Ancient Capital

CITAC is about Mouri Kogoro, Conan, Ran and Sonoko going to Kyoto to investigate several murder cases. All the five victims are from the same organisation and was killed by somebody who is very good at Kendo and archery. This organisation is named Genzihotaru and their members have taken the names such as Benkei and Yoshitsune. Eight years ago the "Medicine Buddha" statue was stolen by this organisation and their leader has hidden it somewhere and before he died, he made a code map about the location of the Buddha. Each member of the organisation has a copy of the code map and a GIKEIKI (Yoshitsune ki). They invite Detective Mouri because none of them understands the map. Conan meets Heiji in Kyoto because Heiji knows one of the victims and therefore he joins their investigation... also, the murder with a noh-play mask tries to kill Heiji, but why? And who is Heiji's first love? The crystal ball that Heiji has is a gift from his first love... but the real truth is... Dr Agasa took the Detective Boys to Kyoto and with Haibara's help, Conan turns back to Shinichi.
(Hints: Temari Uta, Gikeiki and Benkei, the crystal ball, the noh-play mask)

# Movie 8:
Magician Of The Silver Sky

>>Click here<< to read my summary and review of Movie 8 (contains spoiler)

# Movie 9 ~ the ninth Conan movie has been planned ~ at the end of the eighth movie it says that the ninth movie will come in 2005