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  * Please note that some of the names are pronunciations of Cantonese, since I don't know Japanese

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Volume 7 File 2-7: Moonlight Murder cases, the cursed piano

Mouri Kogoro has received a letter from a person called "Ma-Sun-Guai-Yee" who lives on the Island of Moon Shadow. The letter says: "In the night of full moon, shadows will begin to disappear on the Island of Moon Shadow". Mouri doesn't get what the letter says but he has got a sum of money in his account two days before full moon, so Ran, Conan and he starts off their journey to the Island in search of this person.
They get to know that "Ma-Sun-Guai-Yee"
who was a talented pianist has already died twelve years ago, he was playing Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" after setting his house on fire, he and his family died in the sea of flames.
Mouri thinks it is some kind of joke but Conan insists on going to see the village head. They head for the building where a ceremony takes place for the former village head, who died in a full moon night two years ago.
Suddenly, Beethoven's first movement of "Moonlight" plays, and Conan hurries to the piano room to find one of the village head candidates murdered in there.
People start panicking and say it is a curse from "Ma-Sun-Guai-Yee" since the piano belongs to him. But Conan insists that it is a murder case.
The letter says: "Shadows will begin to disappear", it means that more people will be killed. How will Conan solve these cases?

People involved: Mouri Kogoro, Ran and Conan, Megure inspector, the murdered and suspected - three village head candidates, daughter of the village head and her fiancé, doctor "Sing-Sak", two other men

Gadgets used: Conan's anaesthetic watch, and voice imitative bowtie

Volume 6 File 6-8: Mystery Of The Disappeared Corpse

Conan has given each of his friends a "Detective Boys" badge invented by Doctor Agasa. They can use this gadget to communicate with each other within 20 km. Genta is fascinated with it and suggests his friends to form "Detective Boys". They tell the whole school to come to them if they have problems.
They've waited for a long time after school yet nobody has come, until a boy shows up. The boy wants them to find his cat, in return he'll give them cards of their favourite character. They're fascinated and accept the offer.
They've gone round everywhere with the boy yet they can't find it. The boy suggests that the cat has a unique miaow and straight after they hear 'that' unique sound, the boy's cat appears through a window. There is blood all over the cat's body but Conan finds out that the blood doesn't belong to the cat.
The Detective Boys look in through the window and see a corpse
laying in the bathroom. They're frightened and call the police.
The police has come after fifteen minutes and searched through the entire house but can't find the corpse.
Conan is astonished, where has the corpse gone?

People involved: The Detective Boys (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, Conan), Megure inspector, and
the two suspected - the older and younger brother who lives in the crime house

Gadgets used: Conan's strength-enhanced shoes, the Detective Boys' radio communication badges

* Please note that some of the names are pronunciations of Cantonese, since I don't know Japanese

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