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Movie Review: National Treasure
~By BearFrog

Summary: Benjamin Franklin Gates descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: a war chest hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. The founding fathers hid clues everywhere, including the Declaration of Independence. After finding this out his rich benefactor betrays him and sets off to steal the Declaration. Ben has only one choice: steal the Declaration of Independence before Ian Howe (the benefactor) does. Then Benjamin, his faithful sidekick Riley and their new “friend” Abigail Chase must not only run from Ian and his men, but also the FBI.

Critique: A highly original mystery story that is a hoot for conspiracy lovers. This is something that you can watch with your entire family and there will be something for everyone: the conspiracy nut, the comedy lover, the mystery solver. The mysteries and puzzles are blended with historical fact and it makes some of the clues hard to interpret (actually, almost all of them) but they are excellent brain teasers. As for the main character, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, he is portrayed quite well and quickly becomes a lovable classic detective with his own unique style of mystery solving, though similarities to Holmes can be spotted a from mile away.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Pros: Original story, Good acting, Well directed

Cons: Incredibly corny ending scene

Mystery Recommendations: The Sign of Four (Arthur Conan Doyle), Fish Marks the Spot (DC Case #4), A Hunting We Will Go (DC Case #31)

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