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+ Investigation: Going Deep Into the Black Organisation - PART I ++

The black organisation appears to be a very mysterious organisation in the Detective Conan manga series. Indeed, Aoyama has given us more and more clues about this underworld organisation, yet we know very little about them.
No doubt, the black organisation does play an important role in this series, since it is them who shrunk Kudo Shinichi, and in order to track them down and return to his real size, Conan has been going through a lot of challenges. A few times he even nearly loses his life, but he is lucky enough that neither Gin nor Vodka have found out the truth. Now our query is not whether or not it'll happen, it is WHEN it is going to happen. Of course, by the time they find out the truth, it also means that this seires will come to the end, because this is the concept of this series - to defeat the black organisation and to return to his former identity.
In the beginning, on the day when Shinichi was forced to take the drug and shrunk to a child (Vol. 1:File 1-2), the two mysterious men-in-black was introduced to us, and we didn't even know where they came from or who they were. All we got to know was they were underworld people and they were having an underground affair with the business man at the amusement park while Shinichi saw the whole occasion, and they intended to kill him to shut his mouth by giving him the drug.
The second time they appeared in the series was when they killed Miyano Akemi (Vol. 2:File 4-7), at that time, we didn't know who Akemi was, but we got to know that the men-in-black are members of an organisation. Akemi told Conan that the organisation is very mysterious and they like to wear black. In Akemi and the two men-in-black's conversation, we also got to know that Akemi was only a member of low rank and her sister, still an unknown person, was a significant member of the organisation. In that case, Conan didn't even have the chance to meet the men-in-black, but he was sure that the ones Akemi meant were them.
The third time Conan encountered them on the train trip (Vol. 4:File 4-6), he used his new eavesdropping glasses to listen to their conversations. It was in that case the code names Gin and Vodka were introduced, Conan also heard that Vodka (the short hair one with the hat) called Gin "Brother" (apparently he didn't mean that they're real brothers, but underworld people like to call each other "brother" to indicate that they're as close as real brothers), and Gin (the long hair one) is smarter than Vodka. They were making a deal with somebody on that train and intended to blow up the whole train. They got off the train before Conan could find out more about them.
After this encounter, it was not until in volume 12 we got to see them again. It was during Conan attended the publication of Mouri Kogoro's PC/TV detective game (Vol. 12:File 4-6). Conan never saw Gin or Vodka, but in there he encountered another member of the organisation - Tequila, a huge and outstanding man. Conan got to know his identity by coincidentally hearing his phone conversation with Vodka. However, Tequila was accidentally killed by a bomb during this publication.
After the Tequila incident, the next member of the organisation to be introduced to us was Haibara Ai - the betrayer and Miyano Akemi's sister. Through her appearance (Vol. 18:File 6-8), Conan has gained more knowledge about the organisation from her. He has understood the actual manner of the organisation, that is, to remove/kill every single evidence/person that has acquaintance/relationship with the black organisation, e.g. the ones that they have dealt with and the betrayers. They have burned down the laboratory where Haibara used to work in and they tried to remove everything that was related to her. The black organisation will not leave any trace for people to find them, that is why even the police is unfamiliar with this organisation. They can kill people/burn down a house without leaving any evidence.
The two of them began their first investigation (Vol 18:File 9-10, Vol 19:File 1) when Haibara recalled that there was a floppy disk with the information about APTX4869 as well as the information about each member of the organisation - their real names, address, code names etc. Moreover, she revealed that there is a boss of the organisation and his/her info was also saved in that disk. They head for Akemi's former teacher whom Haibara believed had this disk and they wanted to make it in time before Gin and Vodka could find the disk. Eventually, they got what they wanted, but since that floppy disk cannot be opened from other computers, all the information had been deleted.
Their second investigation (Vol 24:File 7-11) was when Haibara and Conan coincidentally saw Gin's car (Porsche 356A) in the street. It was also the third time Conan encountered Gin and Vodka ever since they shrunk him. Conan has put a sticker transmitter in their car and used his tracing glasses but Gin found out and destroyed the transmitter, Gin also found a brown hair left in the car which he believed was Sherry's (see... a very smart and careful man). Conan could hear where they were going to through Gin's phone conversation with Pisco - another member of the organisation. Pisco was going to kill somebody at that place and Conan wanted to stop him. In that case, Haibara has drunk Baigar and returned to Sherry, she was also nearly killed by Gin but rescued by Conan. When Sherry has turned back to Haibara, Pisco (an old man) has figured out the truth about the drug, but Conan and Haibara have escaped and Pisco was killed by Gin straight after that, so he couldn't reveal Sherry's truth to Gin. Before Conan told Sherry to escape through the chimney, he has used his stun-gun on Gin, but the thing is, why didn't Gin fall asleep after he has been hit? Furthermore, Conan has found out that there must be somebody else in there who helped Pisco, i.e. an accomplice, which means that there must have been another member in there as well. However, Conan couldn't find out who the member was (hey...the famous American actress was also in there... you know who I mean?). It was Vermouth's first appearance, though we didn't have a clue who she was.

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