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In this "Investigation" section you'll be able to get to know more about some particular plots of the story, I consider it is very interesting for all Conan fans! Read to gain deeper knowledge about DC!

+Mystery reviews++ NEW! (Case Closed)

Case Closed Episode Review:

Case #1: The Big Shrink
- a summary of episode 1 - analysis of the cases, manga comparisions, rating, etc.

Case #2: The Kidnapped Debutante - a summary/review of Ep 2

Case #3: Beware of Idols
- Ep 3

Case #4: Fish Marks the Spot
- Ep 4

Case #5: The Time Bomb ExpressNEW! - Ep 5

Other Mystery Reviews:

Movie Review: National Treasure NEW! - a review about the mystery movie National Treasure

+General Investigations+

From Poe to Aoyama: The Legacy of the Detective Story - discusses the evolution from Poe's brilliant detective Dupin to our lovable little Conan.

+Investigation of the story+

Going Deep Into the Black Organisation --- Part 1 - deep analysis about the black organisation, their appearance, members etc. This is part 1

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