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Love Match

Do you want to know how compatible you are with somebody? Try this game! Enter you and another person's name in the boxes and click "Calculate"!
Note:This is only a game so please don't take it seriously! You can also try with the characters in Detective Conan (Shinichi & Ran's percentage is 39%)


++Puzzle Games++

Do you want to play this brand new Conan puzzle game? Click here to enter. Rearrange the pieces of puzzles to a picture! More puzzle games will be added soon!


New Quiz!!! Click here to do this brand new "Heiji's quiz" to test your knowledge about Heiji. This time you'll not be informed after each question whether or not you've answered them correctly, which makes it more difficult!
Click here to do this "Shinichi's quiz" to test how much you know about Shinichi, if you think it is too easy, go and try this "Manga quiz" to test your knowledge about the Manga! Click here to enter, try if you know all this!!!

++Fan Survey+++

Are you a BIG Conan fan? Do you want to know how enthusiastic the other fans are? Then Click here to do this survey to compare yourself with other Conan fans and to conclude whether or not you're qualified to be a real fanatic!

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