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Here below are the gadgets that Doctor Agasa has invented for Conan, some of the English names are according to the descriptions shown in the movies (the ones with the stars*). I don't know if I have forgotten to mention any gadgets or not, if yes, please inform me.

*Voice-changing bow-tie - this is the very first gadget which Dr Agasa gives to Conan after his transfiguration, this is the red bow-tie which Conan usually wears. As you can interpret by the name, Conan can use it to imitate anybody's voice. This is a very useful gadget for Conan to solve cases and he always uses it to imitate Kogoro's voice and sometimes Sonoko's. The first time Conan uses it is the murder case at Okino Yoko's apartment.

*Stun-gun wrist-watch - this is a watch that contains stun-gun, but it only has one shot each time. Conan uses it to make Kogoro or Sonoko sleep before he uses the voice-changing bow-tie to decuce the criminals. Besides using it on Kogoro, Conan also use it to catch the criminals.

*Power assisted kick shoes - these are very powerful shoes that can even make trees fall, so Conan has to use it very carefully while he kicks some material towards the criminals, he usually uses a soccer ball and always has a precise aim.

*Soler powered skateboard - Conan usually uses this to catch the criminals, this is very fast and works even on steep roads, but this skateboard uses solar energy, hence it only works on sunny days and before sunset, which is a disadvantage.

*Elasticity suspenders - Conan always wears these suspenders, it is very elastic and can open any heavy stuff such as lifting up a car.

The Detective boys' bagdes - each member of the Detective boys has one of these badges, they use them to communicate with each other, they're like radiophones. Conan can also use his glasses to trace the location of the one who wears the bagde.

The tracing glasses and sticker - Conan can use his glasses to trace the criminals, and the sticker is the transmitter, so Conan has to stick it on the criminals' clothes to be able to trace them, he is able to see a map and the criminals' locations as he wears his glasses.

The eavesdropping glasses and transmitter - This is a listening device, Conan hides the transmitter in a chewing gum and stick it underneath the seat of the men-in-black whom he meets on the train trip, and then he listens to their conversations by wearing his glasses.

The lunch box fax - actually, Conan has only used it once, it is just a normal fax but it is inside a lunch box (with real food), Conan has used it to communicate with the unknown girl who claims that she is Shinichi's girlfriend.

Telephone earring - this is like a cell phone and when one has it on the ear, it looks like an earring and doesn't look like a phone. In fact, Conan doesn't understand why Dr Agasa has made it like an earring. Conan uses this gadget to secretly tell Ran his deduction with Shinichi's voice while Ran acts the detective role on their skiing trip.

Voice-changing pen - this gadget is also seldom being used, this pen can record voice, change voice, play, play in fast or slow motion and so on. Conan uses it with the detective boys to trick the criminal when the criminal is pointing a gun at them and is about to kill them when they are in a mansion.

The Detective Boys' flashlight wrist-watch - each member of the Detective Boys has a flashlight wrist-watch, they basically use them for lighting

Conan's balloon-making belt - as the name suggests, this belt can produce a balloon, or a soccer ball in general. Once Conan has pressed the belt button, a ball will be produced~ and the ball can be of any size. This is very useful for Conan when he needs to use something for his power assisted kick shoes. In fact, the ball can only hold ten seconds before it looses all the air

Doctor Agasa's voice-changing mask - it looks like a normal mask when one wears it to cover ones mouth. In fact, there is a voice-changing device behind the mask. This is a very good gadget for disguise, because the one who wears it just looks like as if he/she is sick. Haibara uses this mask when she disguises herself as Conan


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