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>>Conan Dictionary >>The Kanji Names of the Characters

In this section you'll find some "Conan Words" and their descriptions (in alphabetical order).

APOPTOXIN 4869 - APTX 4869
The drug that shrunk Conan and Haibara, invented by Haibara. A very mysterious poison.

Code Names
Each member of the black organisation has a code name - alcohol names: Gin, Vodka, Sherry, Vermouth, Tequila, Calvados, Pisco.

This is how Ayumi calls the ghost house next to Dr Agasa's house. She says "Edo" but it should actually be "Kudo"'s Shinichi's house (laugh)

Jack the Ripper
(Appears in movie 6) The run amuck in the nineteenth century London, he has killed 5 women including his own mother and the police in London still hadn't captured him.

Golden Apple
The Golden Apple (appears in vol. 34-35) represents an ancient Greek myth about a jealous goddess who has given a golden apple with the words "For the Fairest" to three goddesses, it causes the three goddesses fighting about who is the fairest among them...

"Mycroft" is the name of the house where they stay on the Holms' trip (Vol 12, 13). "Mycroft" is actually Sherlock Holms' brother's name.

PAIKARU - Baigar
The antidote for APTX4869. Baigar is a Chinese liquor. After having drunk a mouthful of this alcohol for the first time, Conan and Haibara have turned back to their original size for a short time. Haibara has tried to make an antidote with this ingredient, but does not succeed.

The coffee shop underneath Mouri Kogoro's detective agency.

Tropical Land
The amusement park where Shinichi and Ran go to in Vol. 1 File 1, also, in the fourth movie "Captured in her eyes", they take Ran who has got amnesia back to the Tropical Land to help her to restore her memories.

>>Conan Dictionary >>The Kanji Names of the Characters