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In this section I've written a brief introduction of the main characters in Detective Conan.

Kudo Shinichi : open an image
A highschool year two student at Teitan highschool in Beika, Tokyo, 17-year-old, has a famous father who writes detective novels, Shinichi loves detectives and his dream is to be one himself, he always talks about Holmes and Conan Doyle, he's also very good at soccer but he plays it only as an aid for his deduction skill.
Shinichi's parents moved to the States when he was thirteen and now he lives alone in his house. His first solved case is on an aeroplane and since that he always helps the police to solve cases.
He's secretly in love with his childhood friend Mouri Ran and always has dreams about her.

Edogawa Conan: open an image
After Shinichi shrunk he becomes Edogawa Conan, he takes this unique name from the famous detective writer Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo, he moves and lives with Mouri Ran and her father Mouri Kogoro in his detective agency because he wants to find the two men in black who shrink him. He hides his identity from Ran and always phones her with Shinichi's voice. He helps Detective Kogoro to solve cases. Conan goes to year one (class 1B) at Teitan primary school.

Mouri Ran: open an image
Shinichi's childhood friend, she's in love with him but never has the nerve to tell him, when she meets Conan she tells Conan about it. After Shinichi has disappeared she always feels unhappy and she realizes how important Shinichi is to her. She's very good at Karate and wins a lot of competitions, she seems to be very strong but she's also very tender and she cries a lot after her beloved has left. She acts as a very good big sister to Conan and always takes care of him, she does all the housework and cookings for Conan and her dad. Her parents are separated and Ran always tries to make them going back to each other.

Mouri Kogoro: open an image
A private detective who always makes bad deductions, he was a police before and he is very good at shooting. Since Conan comes he becomes a very famous detective. His wife left him when Ran was seven and now he lives with Ran and Conan. He likes drinking and smoking and always makes the house messy. He likes to look at girls and his favourite singer is Okino Yoko.

Kisaki Eri: open an image
Ran's mother who is separated from Kogoro, since she left she becomes a famous lawyer who never loses. Eri is beautiful and talented, she's a very smart woman but she's very bad at doing housework and cooking.

Doctor Agasa - Agasa Hiroshi:
A.K.A. Agasa Hakase, Conan's neighbor who is the first one who knows his real identity. He's 52 and is a bad scientist but he has invented some good stuff to help Conan to solve cases. In later volumes he lives with Haibara Ai, the inventer of the drug that shrinks Conan. Click here to read about his inventions.

Megure Juuzou Inspector:
He always appears in the investigation of murder cases, before Shinichi shrinks, he always asks him to deduce the cases. Now that Shinichi is not here, Mouri Kogoro helps him to solve cases. He has beard and always wears orange suit and he never takes off his hat.

Kudo Yusaku: open an image
Conan's dad, he is a famous detective novelist in the world, his most famous novel is "The quaint baron of dark night". When Conan was thirteen he moved to LA with his wife. He and his wife like playing around and making jokes, when Conan has shrunk, they usually pretend to be the men in black to frighten him!

Kudo Yukiko:
Conan's mother who lives in LA with her husband, before she got married she was a famous actress in Japan, when she was nineteen she had already got a lot of awards, she then fell in love with Kudo Yusaku, a young novelist. When Yukiko was twenty, she signed off and got married to Yusaku.

Suzuki Sonoko: open an image
She is Ran's best mate, who is also 17 and in the same class (2B) as Ran and Shinichi. Sonoko's father is a rich merchant and she lives in a big mansion. Sonoko always longs for finding a real lover but always fails. Later on, she has found a guy - Kyogoku Makoto, who is supposed to be her real love, but he then travels overseas and Sonoko always gets angry because he doesn't phone her.

++The Detective Boys+++

Yoshida Ayumi: open an image
Conan's classmate who is in love with him, she's the only girl in the detective boys before Haibara joins the group.

Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko: open an image
He likes Ayumi but also Haibara when she comes, he's good at computers and stuff like that. His point of view always refers to science.

Kojima Genta:
He's the leader of the Detective Boys who also likes Ayumi, he's the fattest boy and he always bullies people. He always thinks of food, his favourite dish is japanese sea eel + rice.

Haibara Ai: open an image
She is the one who invented the drug that shrinks Conan and herself, her real name is Miyano Shiho and she's actually 18 years old and is a member of the black organisation, but after Gin and Vodka kill her sister she betrays the organisation, she takes her drug and swallows it, after she shrinks she escapes to the front of Shinichi's house, Doctor Agasa sees her and adopts her. She joins the detective boys and is one of them who knows Conan's real identity. She also has a code name in the organisation, she is called Sherry.

++The Black Organisation+++

Gin: open an image
He's the long hair man in black who hit and shrunk Conan and killed Haibara's sister. He's cruel and self-possessed.

Vodka: open an image
He is the short hair man in black who always appears with Gin, in fact, he is Gin's brother, but he is not as cruel as Gin.

Other Characters from later volumes