2012-10-23: Stormspell Records will soon release an anthology album with Detest-tracks. All the EP-tracks will be on it alongside a number of tracks from the demo's between 1988-1991. Is this cool or what? Check out Stormspell's website for updates.

2008-10-11: Nocturnal Alliance has taken up three of old Detest-tracks, polished them up and re-recorded them. Some with new titles and new lyrics to freshen up the sound and harmonies. On their debut-album, "Forsaken" is a remake of 1991's demoversion of "Angel of mine". On their current album, "6th sense" is a remake of 1989's demoversion of "Killer on Halloween" and "The meaning of pain" from 1988's demoversion of "The meaning of pain".

2008-10-11: Welcome to the official site of Detest. Detest is a band that detested the earth between 1988-1991, formed by guitarrist & leadvocalist Micke Därth and bassist Jörgen Svahn. Since the band is not excisting, the newspart will not be updated on a regular basis.