A good mother
needs to practise.

Wed better get some sleep sister
before the fun starts...



The delivery process
has begun.

Hello baby,
time to come out.

Here I am mum - cooooming !



Can you see
my little face now ?

Here we go...
youre almost out now.



Gosh, this is
Whats going
on in there ?

 Can you
see anything ?



Do you like my
hiding place mum ?

Im so very pleased
with my little ones...

The whole pack
is delivered !


Complete " puppy mix "


This is what we look like 7 days later.
Click here to check out our namnes !



Hurry up !
The best nipples are
in the back !


Hey, I think we are in
 the land of " Down Under



Are you ready now for a
good night story kids ?


Yes mummy,
we are all cosy and
tired now...



Geeee...that was a
nice fairy tale !


Soon you can read about our
latest pranks again...



Come on little brother,
Im going to show
you something...


A hollow tree !


Do you like it ?
I have digged
a deep, deep
hole in here...



In the meanwhile the kids are taking a siesta.



The nicest pillow in
the world !


 Back position.


Sooooooo nice !



Sleepy baby-boy
2 weeks old


Very tired !


Mother is back
now -
good night !


Girl 1   Girl 2   Boy 1

A little portrait gallery,
presenting 4 weeks old " Sea-puppies ".

Boy 2


Boy 3


Boy 4



Our first day outside and
a nice milk pic-nic with mum.


Got ya !


If I dig deep enough
maybe Ill find a bone



We didnt find anything like
a bone treasure...


Lets try some serious
digging here instead folks...


Let us girls be cheerleaders
while you do the working
guys! Giggle, giggle...
 Mummy, mummy Ive
 got mud in my ears...


What is he making a big
fuzz about ? Come here
and fight with me instead...
  Lets give our sweet
cheerleader sister a big hug !


Psssssst, Ive found
another treasure...
  Theese flowers are for my
pretty mummy.
  Oh boy,
Im pretty tired now...


We are quiting now as well



Whoops, something just
happened to my ear...


Come here now my
beloved ones, no more
treasure seeking for today...


Sea of Love


Sea Breeze


Sea of Dreams

Another portrait gallery, presenting 7 weeks old " Sea-puppies ".

North sea Storm


Master of the Sea






Im back
again !


Lunch !
Here is some very
tasty meat children...


...And fresh cold
water to drink...



Look son, youve got
to try to carry the
fetching toy too...


This is really easy, just
watch me little brother !



Wait for me...
I want to see you
fetch too...


Psssssst...do you want to
know the trick ?
 Whisper, whisper...


I found something much more
interesting than your silly
fetching thing...



Yeah, and we want to
play instead !


Im the toughest !!!


I want to become an
obedience champion
one day, so Id better
start early...


Look children, how capable
your brother is !
Im so very proud of him !