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Critical error fixed in 1.1b beta. (2005-02-22)

People have reported that ShirusuPad sometimes crashed during start-up. A problem with Clipboard Capture, making the message "Index out of Bounds" appear, har also been taken care of.

Visit the download section to download the new version.

New version out! 1.1 beta. (2005-02-21)

The old questbook har been replaced by a brand new forum. Feedback, questions, etc, should all go there.

Visit the forum here.

Finaly! An update and a new version. (2005-02-21)
It took almost a year, but here it is, ShirusuPad 1.1 beta. I hope the intresst is still there.
First Update! (2004-05-02)
The different sections of the website are now up, and most important, a Guest book. Use it extensivly! :)
The Rebirth!
Welcome to the ShirusuPad webpage. As you may know, the ShirusuPad project has been in a coma for over 6-7 months, but has now waken up. I hope that you could control your withdrawal symptoms. :)

You may also have noted that this homepage is as basic as they come, and only the most important information can be found here, but I hope that this will change soon. As I am strugling with school and work, I can't give any exact dates, but I will do my best!

Best Regards
//Daniel Crkvencic

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