Barbarian, thief, warrior, drunkard, sleazebag.  From the northern mountains he came to
tread the shining dung of the Earth under his booted feet.  Black-haired, red-eyed, with
gigantic hangovers and gigantic girth, destined to sell the jeweled crown of Hormonia.
His deeds would strike fear in the hearts of men, and rashes in the groins of women.
His name was Bernard.

Bernard the Barbarian

This is Bern... HEY!

Welcome to my little resource page – or online junkyard if you will – about my comic strip Bernard the Barbarian (in Swedish, Birger Barbaren) which runs as a regular feature in the Swedish gaming magazine Fenix.
    An English version of the strip has been published internationally, in three Best of Fenix volumes commemorating the magazine's 10th anniversary (see ’Links’ below), so I thought I'd put this page together. Just in case someone outside of Sweden tries to google him. :)


About Bernard the Barbarian
If you want to know more about Bernard, this is the place to start. A general primer on the comic strip and its background, including an image gallery.

Bernard á la Evelina
My daughter Evelina is a regular co-author. This page has examples of strips conceived by her, with descriptions of her input and my edits – and some bonus artwork by her.

Guest art
There is a guest gallery on the Fenix website (see ’Links’ below) but I have a few more pieces that aren't included there, so I've put them here instead.

Bad Bernard
There are do's and don'ts when making a comic strip. Here are some examples of don'ts.

Family Values
I got asked, so what the heck… This is a brief overview of marriages that Bernard has ended up in over the years, and of children he has sired. The ones that we know of.

Bernard + OD&D
I'm a sucker for cameos. One 2012 strip – not published in English – featured a number of cameo appearances from the original version of Dungeons & Dragons, and I couldn't resist making a little walkthrough. Slightly NSFW.

Birger-albumet: Trivia   (Swedish)
Bernard's compilation book (see below) has extensive notes on cameos, oddities and other trivia around the published strips, but the book itself includes additional material that's not covered in its Trivia section. Hence this little document – all in Swedish.


Best of Fenix  (international)
The three Best of Fenix volumes can be ordered here; as hardcover books, PDFs, or both – just enter ”Fenix” in the site's search bar. The volumes contain a total of 59 Bernard strips plus, of course, lots of interesting gaming articles.

Note: The pages linked below are in Swedish.

The Really Epic Saga of Birger Barbaren
Birger's/Bernard's official page on the Fenix website. Scroll past the Swedish text to see mazes and stuff for the whole family (click the ’Lösning’ links to see the solutions). The header ’Gästserier’ has links to some guest strips and a small guest gallery.

Serieforum: Birger Barbaren
If you are looking for actual comic strips, this discussion thread is a good place to go. It has a few years' worth of Swedish talk, strips, and preview panels. Unfortunately a bunch of the older image links are broken nowadays.

Picasa - Birger
Here, someone has uploaded some strips from four early issues of Fenix.

The Dark and Hairy Annals of Birger Barbaren
In 2012 Fenix celebrated its 50th issue by releasing a big compilation book with our hero, that can be ordered here if you can navigate through the Swedish. (I tried it with an online translator, seemed to work pretty well.) It takes international orders but be prepared that the shipping costs can get crazy high.
    The book is 68 pages in full color, containing every strip from 2004-2011, guest strips, discarded stuff and other goodies. The foreword, comments, etc. are in Swedish, but the strips themselves are mostly wordless.

To contact me, sending one of those e-mail thingies usually does the trick.

Bernard the Barbarian / Birger Barbaren  ©  Åke Rosenius. All rights and wrongs reserved.