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Carrot's system directory holds system documentation for the Carrot group from the end of the 70's up till now. The Morotsklöver evolved to Carrot Club and later O'Carrot. In the beginning of the 80's a different cousin emerged, the pass system Carrotti, which in turn evolved into Magic Diamond, to avoid the administrator's persecution of different, although not necessarily unnatural, bidding systems.

The documentation is in Swedish, except for the Magic Diamond files.

Carrot Club is a development from Morotsklöver, designed by Sven-Olov Flodqvist and Anders Morath before the European Championships in Athens 1971.

The Morotsklöver was constructed with natural modules from Acol and bits and pieces from other bidding systems, such as Roman Club and Blue Club. From the middle of the seventies the system was adopted as a group method, used by players on the Swedish national team

In the beginning we used a no-trump opening of 15-17 hcp, but since that made the diamond opening a little nebulous, not guaranteeing a genuine suit, we introduced a new no-trump opening, a development of an idea in the Blue Club with a ”multi no-trump opening”, 15-17 or 12-14 with clubs as the only suit. “The Carrot NT” with 13-17 hcp, 13-14 without majors or any 15-17, made Carrot Club to a "natural strong club system".

The strong club opening was later on changed to a two way opening, either a weak balanced hand or any 17+ hcp. That was a result of experimenting with Carrotti, a pass version of the system, that made the system more aggressive as well as giving the strong club opening some sort of protection from aggressive and destructive counter measures. The two way opening is now a part of many Swedish club systems

Carrot Club - developed from Morotsklövern, a strong club system influenced by Acol with “Roman two openings”, where it all began, to the two way club opening.
O'Carrot - from Carrot Club with adjustments to the two way club opening.
Carrotti the “intermediate pass” development from Carrot Club
O’Carrotti, variable Carrot and Carrotti depending on vulnerabilities


Magic Diamond and Magic Diamond Light- Weak, natural openings with canapé style and a strong diamond opening. Based on Carrotti.

Magic Defence, the defensive methods of Magic Diamond.





Little ©

Lilla Högfärgen, a translation and modification of Terence Reeses Little Major.


SCS v5 - 5542 system.
SCS v5 System Card

Strong club with 4 card
¨/© and 12-16 NT





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