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Bridge D/A

The bridge dealer and simulator tool Bridge D/A was originally developed on mainframes, moved to the Macintosh environment, and then transferred to the Windows platform in the late nineties.

This software generates bridge hands for bidding practicing and simulates complete deals for analysis of interesting bidding and play problems.

Bridge D/A includes tools for manual input of bidding problems, type Challenge the Champs, and for bidding such hands or hands produced by the dealer.

System requirements: Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista.

About Bridge D/A

Read about how to generate bridge hands with Bridge D/A from detailed specifications for two hand (North and South) bidding practicing


About simulations

Read about how to simulate complete deals with Bridge D/A based on a South hand and details about the other hands, for analysis of interesting bidding and play problems.


The Bidding Tool

See how to use Bridge D/A to bid hands with one's partner over the Internet.



Short introduction to Bridge D/A.


Help system

The html version of the Bridge D/A help system gives a pretty good idea of the program.


Bridge D/A

Download a demo version of 32bit Bridge D/A.

The demo functions exactly like the full version, except that the output functions are disabled. To get a full version you must register and pay for the software.


Simulations by Bridge D/A Simulator


Magic Bidding for Windows

Magic Bidding Demo



Magic Bidding is a tool for bidding practicing, written by Tomas Brenning, with which the users may handle their bidding practice sessions in a Windows environment via email.

Magic Bidding imports files from Bridge D/A, and displays the hands in a graphic, easy to use environment with functions for saving hands, bidding sequences and any comments by the users.

Prices & bundles

Single Bridge D/A license; 500 sek
Bundled with Magic Diamond: 800 sek
Team license for 6 players (both programs): 2000 sek

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