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I s a coalition of experienced flyfishers, who has a great deal of knowledge about the fishing in Vasterbotten. We are mostly guideing Logde river, Oreriver, Horn-stream, Savar-stream and Rickle-stream. From single participators to whole groups. The guideing can also combines with casting-instructions and fishing-technics. Fishingpermits includes in all prices. We also arrange with accommondation

This Guidepool consist of experienced and entusiastic flyfishermans with there roots in Vasterbotten. It has developed when the demand after guideservice has increased during the years. The customers satifaction is the proof for a good job.

Long time experience of flyfishing after most species i the rivers and streams in Vasterbotten, give good chanses to catch fish and to see the best of what the rivers can give you.

Fish for a few days in the beatiful Logderiver, placed between Umea and Ornskoldsvik. It´s a typical forestriver with many interesting and easy pooles for flyfishing.Why not try out to fish after big pike with floating-tube in Nordmalingsbay. This fishing is mostly done with one-hands rods in AFTM-class 6-7. There´s really good Sea-troutfishing in most of the rivers here, for exampel Rickle-stream is a unik and beutiful water in the nothern part.

Welcome to Vasterbotten, for a enjoyable fishing!!!