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Experiments with JavaScript

0. "Zeroeth" game

Game number zero is the navigation bar above.

5. Fifth game  (CHOICE 2)

Cnt Go to page with Access Counter experiments!


7. Seventh game  (CHOICE 3)

Arb Go to page with Background Color experiments!

8. Eighth game

Stb Go to a page showing some of what Big Brother knows about you and your Web Browser.

9. Ninth game  (CHOICE 4)

Sun Go to a page for calculating Sun times (Sunrise, sunset, and twilight).

10. Tenth game

Convert Go to a page for converting volume (capacity), weight, length, area, temperature, velocity (speed), pressure, torque, power and energy measures between U.S./Imperial and SI (Metric) units.

11. Eleventh game  (CHOICE 5)

Sizes Go to a page where screen and window size are checked with JavaScript.

12. Twelfth game

  Warning: Not for MSIE 3
jslnk1 Go to a simple JavaScript Cascading Menu.
jslnk2 Go to a JavaScript Cascading Menu that can have both links and sub-folders in the folders. You can also choose style for the icons in the menu.
jslnk3 Go to a simple JavaScript Cascading Menu that is implemented on a single page without frames. (Not for Netscape 3)
jslnk4 Version 4 is a Cascading Menu implemented with JavaScript and CSS. This is my "official" Links page.

13. Thirteenth game

Hide Go to a page with password protection.
(P.S. the password is "bjpass")

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