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Testing JavaScript
and Access Counter

This page contains experiments with an Access Counter.
JavaScript is used only for the navigation buttons above.
Test no. 1 - Hit Counter

To put an Access Counter on your page at bredband.net, you must use a counter provided by someone else.

Here I use the free hit counter at http://www.freelogs.com/

Numbers of visitors since 1998-09-25:
web counter html code
myspace web counter

Test no. 2 - Addresses

The address (URL) of the counter image is:

Test nr 1:

lastMod On my page for testing "Last-modified-date" there are more examples of how to use an Access Counter.

Tele2 At swipnet.se the Access Counter is called by inserting the code
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counter"-->
in the HTML code of the page. You can produce a more advanced Access Counter by using JavaScript, you can for example show the result multiple times without increasing the count of the Access Counter each time.

Jvsc Back to the JavaScript page!

© Bo Johansson 2009-12-04

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