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Determining Browser vendor, version, and operating system with JavaScript.

This code is believed to be compatible with all versions of all JavaScript-capable browsers on all platforms. It has been tested on the following operating systems and browser versions:

The code has been inspired by Netscape's JavaScript Client Sniffer and Henrik Gemal's BrowserSpy.

Notice that this code is not very practical to use in real web development, se for example the Netscape Browser Detection page.

Profile of your Browser

Here are the results of running that JavaScript code on the browser you are using. The below text has been dynamically generated after checking your browser vendor, version, and operating system from JavaScript.

Basic Data
Version Number (appVersion)
Version Number (Browser version)
Browser type
JavaScript Version
VBScript information
Not supported
Operating System
Calculated Connection speed:
Java information:
Windows Media Player SuperCookie:
SuperCookie ID:
See this page for an explanation of Windows Media Player SuperCookies.

© Bo Johansson 2009-12-04

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