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Homage to Honor Harrington

These pages contain my collection of information, links, etc. for fans of David Weber, an author of military science fiction novels, and especially the Honor Harrington Novels.

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HHranks As a Homage to Honor Harrington, I have made a page with listings of Military Ranks in the different military services mentioned in the Honor Harrington Novels.
HHdate There is also a page with a calculator written in JavaScript, that can convert between the different Date Formats used in Honor Harrington's world.
HHunifm And a page with information about Military Uniforms in the Honor Harrington books, information collected by Robbie Matthews.
HHtbru Or see what David Weber himself says about ranks and uniforms in an excerpt from his "Tech Bible".

Links to Honor Harrington sites

dwhome David Weber homepage (Under construction)
baen Baen Publishing Enterprises (Publishers of David Weber's Honor Harrington books)
adastra Ad Astra Games offers the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator.
HH-webring Find the web sites that are members of the Honor Harrington webring.
dwFAQ The FAQ for the alt.books.david-weber newsgroup.
hhpearls Pearls of Weber: Honor Harrington - A collection of posts by David Weber containing background information for his stories.
hhfilk Jonathan Cresswell's large collection of Honor Harrington Filksongs (via the Internet Archive).
Tor-DW David Weber's "Safehold" series is published by Tor.

Drawings, graphics etc:

hh_hverse David B. Mattingly: The artist who does most of the Honor Harrington covers
hh_offman Royal Manticoran Navy Officer's Manual: Rank Insignia, Uniforms, Decorations, organizational charts. Backup copy
hh_buships BuShips: A collection of 3D models based upon David Weber's Honor Harrington universe.

Links to other SF sites

delrey SF Publisher Del Rey Books
tor_sf SF Publisher Tor Books
bujold The Bujold Nexus
FanArt My attempt at Lois McMaster Bujold Fan Art
stirling S. M. Stirling's "official" Fan Site
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