Alternative Windows 9x/Me Logos
Explanations and instructions

Bo Johansson 2002-01-01

Svenska! På svenska, tack!

1. Background

Windows 9x/Me logos (also called "Splash Screens") are shown:

  1. At Windows 9x/Me start-up:
  2. At Windows 9x/Me shut-down:

These are 256 color BMP images in format 320x400 that have been renamed c:\logo.sys, c:\windows\logow.sys and c:\windows\logos.sys, respectively.

Windows 9x/Me will use these at start-up and shut-down, adjusted to cover the screen.

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2. Instructions

These are included in the zip file

   BJ Logo collection 3e : Alternatives to Windows 9x/Me Logos

       Status:  Freeware, freely distributable
      Version:  3.0
Revision date:  2002-01-01

1. Contents of zip file

    e1-logo.sys  --  Fractal
    x2-logo.sys  --  Tiger
    e3-logo.sys  --  HMS Visby
    e4-logo.sys  --  HMS Visby 2

    e5-logo.sys  --  Squish Me
    e6-logo.sys  --  WinMeCld
    e7-logo.sys  --  WinMeYel
    e8-logo.sys  --  WinMeVio

    e1-logow.sys  --  Calvin & Hobbes
    e2-logow.sys  --  HMS Visby

    e1-logos.sys  --  Hasta la vista!
    e2-logos.sys  --  HMS Visby

    readme.txt   --  these instructions
    viktigt.txt  --  instructions in Swedish

    If you want to know what the logos look like, just use MSPAINT,
    PSP or any program that can show bitmap files.
    The pictures look squeezed to half their normal width.

2. Installation

2.1 Start logos

    For start-up logos, go to the root directory of your boot drive
    ( usually C:\ ).
    If there already is a LOGO.SYS file there, it's a good idea to
    make a backup copy, naming it for example LOGO.BAK.

    Copy the file of your choice, for example x2-logo.sys (Tiger),
    to C:\ and rename it LOGO.SYS.

    Windows will automatically find and use it there.

2.2 Exit logos

    The exit logos are stored in your Windows directory as:

        LOGOW.SYS - Clouds with the "Please wait..." message.
        LOGOS.SYS - The "You can now safely..." message.

    It's a good idea to make backup copies of these files, naming them
    for example LOGOW.BAK and LOGOS.BAK)

    Installing the exit logos is just as easy:

    Copy the files of your choice, for example e1-logow.sys (Calvin &
    Hobbes) and e1-logos.sys (Hasta la vista!), to C:\WINDOWS\ and

    Assuming that "C:\WINDOWS" is your Windows directory...

3. Disclaimer

    I take no responsibility whatsoever for anything that happens
    to your computer as a result of using these files in any way.

4. Who am I?

    Bo Johansson


    I have made these logos myself, the images of HMS Visby are 
    taken from the Swedish Armed Forces (Navy) internet site at:

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