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Alternative Icons
for Windows

(Including Windows XP)

Your "My Computer" probably looks something like this:
Would it not be nice if it could look like this instead?
You would of course get the same effect in your "Explorer".

W95drive W95flop W95cd-dr W95remov These are the standard Windows icons for hard disk, floppy, CD-ROM and removable drive.

BJdrive BJdriveC BJdriveD BJdriveE BJdriveF You can replace them with my icons for hard disk (desktop or tower model, with or without drive letter), floppy, CD-ROM, and zip drive (grey or blue). Here is also an icon for a tower model "My Computer".
BJtower BJtowerC BJtowerD BJtowerE BJtowerF
BJfloppy BJcd-dr BJzip_dr BJzip-B BJmytwr

BJwzip BJxzip BJyzip BJzzip1 BJzzip2 Here are six alternative zip icons, an icon for UltimateZip, an icon for QuickZip, a bzip2 icon, and an html icon.
BJzzip3 BJqzip BJuzip BJbzip2 BJhtml

BJhtml2 BJcss BJjs BJphp BJphpinc Here are also an alternative html icon, an icon for CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and icons for js, php and php include files.

BJshort BJshort2 BJc BJcpp BJh And two shortcut overlay icons, plus icons for c, cpp and h files.

BJhtml3 BJcss2 BJjs2 BJphp2 BJphpinc2 New: A set of icons for html, css, js, php and php include files.

BJphp3 BJrtf BJc2 BJcpp2 BJh2 New: An alternative php icon, an icon for rtf files, and alternative icons for c, cpp and h files.

BJzip-B_48x2 BJzip-B BJzip-B_32-16 My icons all come in size 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 pixels, and with 256 and 16 colors.
BJzip-B_16-256 BJzip-B_16-16

Zip file Click here to download a zip file with my icons.
Explanations Read the explanations and instructions. (The instructions are included in the zip file)

© Bo Johansson 2009-12-04

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