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FakeLin is a small program that pretends to load Linux on your computer.

It will look like this on your screen:


I have programmed FakeLin using Borland C++ 4.5

Zip file Download a zip file with FakeLin.

The zip file contains:

  1. fakelin1.exe - FakeLin for DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98
  2. fakelin2.exe - FakeLin for Windows NT
  3. linux16.ico  - 32x32 icon with 16 colors
  4. linux256.ico - 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 icon with 16 and 256 colors
  5. readme.txt   - instructions
  6. viktigt.txt  - instructions (in Swedish)


"Un-zip" the zip file in a new folder, for example c:\fakelin and do like this:
  1. DOS:
    1. Type the command fakelin1 .
  2. Windows 3.1:
    1. Create a new Program Icon in the Program Manager, naming it for example "Change to Linux".
    2. At Command Line type c:\fakelin\fakelin1.exe.
    3. Change icon to c:\fakelin\linux16.ico .
    4. Double click on the new Program Icon to run FakeLin.
  3. Windows 95/98:
    1. Create a new Shortcut on the Desktop.
    2. At Command Line type c:\fakelin\fakelin1.exe .
    3. Name the shortcut for example "Change to Linux".
    4. Choose any icon.
    5. Right click on the new shortcut and choose Properties.
      • Under "Program" check "Close at exit" (?) and change icon to c:\fakelin\linux256.ico .
      • Under "Screen" choose "Full screen".
      • Click the OK button.
    6. Run FakeLin by double clicking on the new shortcut.
  4. Windows NT:
    1. Do the same as for Windows 95/98, but use fakelin2.exe instead.

FakeLin for Linux

Now available: the incredibly unnecessary program FakeLin for Linux.

I have compiled it with gcc under Red Hat Linux 6.0 on a Pentium Pro PC, but I hope it will work with other Linux variants.

gz file Download a gz file with FakeLin for Linux.
"Un-zip" the gz file in a suitable folder, go to that folder using cd and type the command ./fakelin3 .

© Bo Johansson 2009-12-04

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